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  1. Same issues for me - hanging as soon as it tries to connect to fanfire
  2. Used Google Chrome, O2's waiting room, bought tickets at 10am. same here no tickets available at any price level on any date. See my last post, I had the same problem - it was the browser
  3. I got my tickets for the 02 on Sunday, but only after a bit of a hassle. Tried booking using internet explorer, but despite using the correct links, it didn't give me the option to put in a pre-sale code, and it assumed I was trying to get them in the public sale, so it was saying no tickets available for any show. It was only when I tried using Google Chrome, that it allowed me to enter my code. Had a few panicky moments! At least I'll know what to do when I try for tickets for the second show on Monday!
  4. As a member since Propaganda days, I think it's a pretty poor show you can't buy four tickets. The reasoning that it's an arena tour is ridiculous, they've toured arenas before.... Plus with two different types of show as Bono is promising, means that to go along with my partner to both, I'm going to have to scramble pot luck in the public sale for the second one. Not only that, but at the moment, we've no idea what sort of show we're actually using our pre-sale codes for (when we get them)
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