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  1. Just to say thanks to the mods for finally prompting some response from live nation. Customer support eventually provided a ups tracking number which ups said was non existent, and had no record of anything being posted to my address. Live nation then refunded the money. I then ordered the same thing from amazon at half the price and had it delivered the following day - crazy from u2.coms point of view but there you go. I won’t worry about pre-ordering in the future.....
  2. Just wondering if the mods ever get a response from them either or are they ignoring you too?
  3. Pre ordered back in october but nothing. emailed live nation numerous times and not a single response, shockingly shite as usual, have now asked for a refund as i can buy the same thing now but cheaper on amazon. Id like to think u2 management don't realise this sort of thing goes on, but clearly as it happens constantly they do.. still waiting for my 1997 hasta la vista cd btw, that never arrived either despite paying....
  4. Same issues for me - hanging as soon as it tries to connect to fanfire
  5. Used Google Chrome, O2's waiting room, bought tickets at 10am. same here no tickets available at any price level on any date. See my last post, I had the same problem - it was the browser
  6. I got my tickets for the 02 on Sunday, but only after a bit of a hassle. Tried booking using internet explorer, but despite using the correct links, it didn't give me the option to put in a pre-sale code, and it assumed I was trying to get them in the public sale, so it was saying no tickets available for any show. It was only when I tried using Google Chrome, that it allowed me to enter my code. Had a few panicky moments! At least I'll know what to do when I try for tickets for the second show on Monday!
  7. As a member since Propaganda days, I think it's a pretty poor show you can't buy four tickets. The reasoning that it's an arena tour is ridiculous, they've toured arenas before.... Plus with two different types of show as Bono is promising, means that to go along with my partner to both, I'm going to have to scramble pot luck in the public sale for the second one. Not only that, but at the moment, we've no idea what sort of show we're actually using our pre-sale codes for (when we get them)
  8. I agree, I'm not sure how they've actually managed to make it sound so poor quality.
  9. [quote name='U2LAWoman wrote: james busick']I also received the package today with U22 and the Zoo TV Live CD set. My package was also split open along the top edge, but thankfully the Zoo TV CD was in there. The U22 sets were probably already packaged in the brown envelopes in the warehouse, so they would have had to open along one edge to insert the Zoo TV CDs. They could have at least taped it shut again. Mine was split open along the top as well. My post office taped it closed for me along with a received in damaged condition sticker. Everything was in place! Mine was slit open as well, that's why I'm hoping FTGU is being sent separately..
  10. [quote name='richie459 wrote: Ellay']I'm in the Uk My Zoo TV and U22 (again) arrived today, but no from the ground up. The front of the package said 3 cds/1book, even though there were four cds (2 zoo tv and 2 U22) inside, plus the book could have been the u22 booklet I suppose. Im assuming the rest is being sent separately, will wait and see Hmmmmm... Hopefully mine will come tomorrow! Did you get a shipping email? No I didn't get a shipping email, and the shipping status on the live nation site is 'no information available'
  11. I'm in the Uk My Zoo TV and U22 (again) arrived today, but no from the ground up. The front of the package said 3 cds/1book, even though there were four cds (2 zoo tv and 2 U22) inside, plus the book could have been the u22 booklet I suppose. Im assuming the rest is being sent separately, will wait and see
  12. Thankfully I didn't raise my hopes too much, but it will appeal to some I guess, so I'm not in the least bit upset. Just looking forward to Edge's picks tbh.
  13. I've never had a problem with GA, I've never been the type to queue for 12 hours or more, but fair play to those who do.. As far as I'm concerned, it's first come first served.. Ive stood at the front, in the middle and at the back. Ive just been glad to be there. nuff said....
  14. I didn't realise she'd been accused of stealing so much!
  15. It's a bootleg - Not an official release from Island, The tracks from the working tapes on the AB anniversary editions are the first time any of them have been officially released.
  16. [quote name='utwothefly wrote: rowlandh']The wording of the email bothers me a bit: "If you've already renewed your subscription, so that you're going to be receiving your own copy of 'U22', there's a surprise on the way. You'll be hearing from us... very soon!" My subscription is not up until August, so if I wait until then to renew, do I miss out on this surprise? Really can't afford to renew right now, since Christmas visa bill is due and I just spent $120 for the Achtung Baby Super Deluxe box set. I would like to think that we won't be penalized for not renewing early. There's a lot of good will right now because so many of us are very pleased with the U22 idea. Can't see the powers that be screwing that up by denying us any extras simply because we waited until our subscriptions actually ran out before paying up again. You wont get u22 if you dont sub again, thats how it works, the surprise you probably wont get either unless you pay up now. Think the surprise is a download of a track but not sure. I normally wait until I get the 'time to renew' email before I do, however mine isn't up for renewal until march, and I assumed that if I didn't renew I wouldn't get U22. (I'm still waiting for my Hasta la Vista CD which never arrived) So I have now renewed in advance, and my membership expiry date is now 14 months away.
  17. I've not got mine either So I'm hoping, because others haven't got theirs either, that it just hasn't been sent yet.
  18. Don't dance before you can walk. Take Care
  19. The Sydney performance wasn't officially released, (apart from on the Video/DVD) but the Live version (Yankee Stadium New York) was included on the Stay (Faraway So Close) Live Format Single.
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