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  1. A large intro of the start tunes of "Mothers Of The Disappeared".
  2. I'm a paid subscriber since 2004 and I'm a fan for more than 30 years. Last year I forgot to extend my paid description. I didn't get a reminder e-mail or something like that. Because of this I'm submitted to the wires group (new subscribers) in stead of the red hill group (long term subscribers). I called customer service and they cannot(or don't want to) modify this. It's not possible to pay the missed year. At the start of 2015 I missed the presales because of an issue of u2.com. I was lucky that it was solved for additional shows. It's very disappointing and I think this is not the way U
  3. Only $312. In Germany you've to pay 440 euros for a seat. From now U2 concerts are only for the rich and famous. Not for the fans who've brought them where they are now.
  4. Death Valley felt like a place where the streets have no name.
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