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  1. So I got Red Zone tickets for Boston on Saturday, and a regular low loge ticket for Boston on Friday. I hate having to get 2 very expensive solo tickets, as I'd love to go with friends but they won't want to pay those prices. I am thinking I shoudl keep the Red Zone ticket, can anyone explain what that is, is it like being "inside the heart" like on older tours? I've many times gotten floor tickets and hoped to get into the special section but never managed to....anyone have a clue? Which would you give up, Red Zone or good Loge, in favor of a pair of cheaper floor tickets on Monday and sell one of the good ones? Thoughts? I've been to every tour post Joshua tree, and want amazing seats for at least one night.
  2. So i used the phone to get lower loge ticket for Friday in Boston, was finally able to get through on the website and got 1 ticket for the Red Zone on Saturday. I might try for 2 floor tickets for one of the nights when the public tickets go on sale, that way I can be with friend for "cheap" one night and then have the expensive ticket to my self the other night (none of my friends want to pay those prices, but I'm die hard). Anyone been in RedZone before, how awesome is it? Is it worth the money???
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