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  1. Yes, it went very smoothly! Got front standing for night2 and then got a S seat for night 1. Looking like we might not know exact locations until pickup but hopefully it will be optimal.
  2. Since they don't hit my area until June, this show and St. Louis are my out of town shows - scored a GA for this show on the Citi presale. Had been on the fence because hotels are so expensive but I found something a bit more reasonable, and I hope to get someone to share to split the cost.
  3. Thanks for that - I did think about that but thought where would they pick up - thanks for giving a point of reference that I can use! Will either do that or get the hotel to book one if the price isn't too extortionate and/or if I can go in with other guests there.
  4. I have one seated ticket available for the October 3rd show, it is in Naranja A, Sec 03, Row 23. Price is face + TM fees= 3,025 MXN (same price as a GA) I will be picking this ticket up at a TM outlet when I arrive in Mexico on September 29 - if interested you can meet me at the outlet when I pick it up, or later at a central location. PM if you are interested in this ticket! Tengo un Seccion Grada boleto en Naranja A, Sec 03, Fila 23 para el concierto de 3 octubre. Precio es 3,025 MXN. Si usted es interesado, yo voy a ir un centro de TM cuando arriba en Mexico 29 septiembre y puedo
  5. Hi Max - Thanks so much for answering, and the advice. I am feeling out some other pals about what we should do for getting back after the show, beginning to think striking a transport deal with a hotel may be the best thing.
  6. Maybe a Chilango can help with advice...I am coming down from New York for the Mexico City shows. I have been to Mexico City before, so I am familiar with public transportation there, but never to a show at Foro Sol. I am not worried about taking the metro to the show, but am a little concerned about getting back after the show, especially if I don't hook up with pals who will also be there or make some reasonably priced car arrangement beforehand. From various accounts that I have read, it seems that the closest metro station - Ciudad de Deportiva - will likely be closed after the show a
  7. If you haven't already found transportation, keep checking Ticketek - I went to 360 at LaPlata and there were special buses leaving from Retiro station direct to the show and then returning after the show, I bought the bus tickets on Ticketek - I do recall they went on sale well after the show, I didn't purchase until a couple of weeks before the show. They were nice buses too! I think there are also regularly scheduled buses to LaPlata centro although I don't know if their return schedules work with returning after the show. EDIT: Quick Google search found this company with show buses
  8. I checked this morning and my code doesn't have a line through it any more and is as it should be, thanks Max and mich40 for whatever whispers you made.
  9. I have a struck through code as well, yet I only bought three tickets (singles to Vancouver, Philadelphia and New Jersey), I should be able to buy one more if there is a NJ2 presale which I was intending to do!
  10. Weird, I am still getting the other old chart, even now. (shrug)
  11. Interesting new chart Babyface, I have been on the Evenko site today and the old chart is still showing for me, where did this come up for you? Based on those two charts, passenger 789 is right, nothing really changed as far as the orientation of the main and e-stages, it just moved the red zone to the now-actual position. Stubhub has it all opposite though, but the above chart leads me now to believe Stubhub got it wrong.
  12. Where are you seeing the revised map on Evenko, I am getting the same map that has always been there. Map for Montreal DID change though on Stubhub and the orientation of the stages have completely flipped!
  13. Deal is done, no longer available!
  14. A GA popped up in the TM app on my phone a split second after I finalized purchasing a Sec 111 ticket on the TM website yesterday for the 7/30 show, so I grabbed and will be using the GA. This means I am selling the Sec 111, Row 20, Seat 18 ticket for that show. Selling it for face, which is $86. It is a paper ticket, so I don't have it in hand yet, but let me know if you are interested in buying it when it does arrive.
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