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  1. No wristbands left but confident everyone will have a great spot. Was told we can live up after 5;30. Feeling excited and nervous. ??
  2. So disappointed in this whole process of getting tickets for next summer. Was never very clear that you needed to purchase a new subscription to get access to presale. I still have 7 months left on current subscription. so on top of 300.00 for tickets they want another 80 for a new subscription so i opted out then never got a code for verified fan regular sale. I call bullshit and will not buy another item from this band until i and others like me get an apology and not some blanket apology to everyone but something addressed to me. Not holding my breath. Corporate america has what use to be the greatest band, by the balls
  3. I have 2 tickets for San Diego show. they are part of group of four but two people are unable to come. They are section F38 Row 23 Seats 7 and 8(GREAT SEATS). Tickets are Credit Card Entry, so we could meet at show and go in together. I'm from Boston and my friend is from LA and we are meeting in San Diego Wednesday for a mini vacation, and available to meet before show. Let me know if interested in a private message. Best, Jeff
  4. It took me an hour and over a dozen failed attempts because of Ticketmaster errors before I finally got 2 tix for Boston on June 10. I had front row of loge section near red zone but those tix disappeared. I put my code in so many times that it was rejected. I had to clear cache and cookies and restart internet service. Also when I finally got through to the payment page for the 2nd time, it timed out and I thought I lost tix. I did receive an email saying order went through and saw card was charged but can't see tix yet because of high volume. I am one that doesn't believe it until I see it, so i may not have tix and don't even know it. I agree with the frustration and even though i'm 50% sure I have tix I too am frustrated. I have been a paying member for years and it is only every three years or so we get the benefit of a show in our area and access to presale tix. I hope U2 and there management team realize how important this fan base is to them and make ammends to the eXPERIENCE group.
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