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    Worcestor Centrum 1983 War Tour w/ The Alarm
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    In the Heart ....Vertigo Tour with my son Ben
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    No favourites, One Love..U2
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  1. Man.... and I refused to by a $300+ fan ticket because I was holding out for a GA... never knew this was the case. Ridiculous..... still holding out and refuse to pay scalper/ticket vendor prices. Old school U2 fan who just might miss her first tour.... in a very long time.
  2. Sorry the bad English...

  3. How about tikets to portugueses concerts? :)  

  4. Pls message me if you have a GA  tic for sale for Uncasville CT. Thx?

  5. Just scored 2 GA tics for Foxboro at 6PM. Maybe Bono flicked a switch for me!! Thanks B man!

  6. They were having a great time at show 2 because their families were there right in front of me. I couldn't help to think how cool it must be to watch your dads rock out onstage. Bono's son Elijah kept the beat just like dad did back in the Red Rock days....that was a dead giveaway plus he looks just like him. Edge's son Levi was into it also....so cool to see the whole family enjoying being together.
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