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  1. The good people of U2Gigs have created a page where you can tick all U2 shows you've attended until now. The result is stunning as you can see exactly what songs you've heard, how many times the were played, what snippets Bono included and see some photos of the shows you saw. Great fun to enter and nice to see my personal count is exactly 40, a song I've heard 13 times live. How long, to sing this song... Here's the link, it would be nice if we all give our results on Twitter and in this thread ? http://www.u2gigs.com/personalshowcharts.html
  2. U2 play Dublin in my birthday, but unfortunately I couldn't make it there :-( Well, at least my thought are on the shores of the Liffey.
  3. I you start saving now, you can book a room in the Amstel next time they're around ?
    Maybe the time is right, maybe tonight Since 1981 I haven’t missed a single U2 Tour in The Netherlands and with all European gigs the Experience & Innocence concerts in Amsterdam were number 39 and 40 on my list. The first night was great, I managed to avoid a lot of spoilers and was quite surprised with the new screen, the visuals and the sound off course. That day brought my both long-life loves together as the famous Ajax football club played a home game in the Johan Cruijff ArenA after which it was just a few steps to the Ziggo Dome to see my favorite band. On Monday I felt a bit worn out, it’s not just the band that’s getting older, and dragged myself to the venue to get a decent spot on the floor. When we entered the railing outside of the Red Zone was still available, so that mission was accomplished and I could see the second night from a whole other perspective. Since the beginning of the European leg of this tour the band was quite consistent in the setlist, a few minor changes from the first to the second night, but some new songs were added and they’re great. Especially the less famous Achtung Baby songs like ‘Who’s gonna ride your wild horses’, ‘Zoo Station’ a full band 'Stay' and off course ‘Acrobat’ were a delight to hear again. The songs of the last album blended in perfectly and other highlight like ‘Elevation’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘Vertigo’ are always great. ‘Pride’ was another highlight, because a small stage was setup in both Red Zones and I was just a meter away from my favorite band member Adam Clayton! Another highlight is the new arrangement of ‘New Years’ Day’ where a long forgotten lyric came back: ‘Maybe the time is right, maybe tonight?’ And the answer to that question is yes, these were great nights and hopefully the last words of Bono aren’t another ‘we have to dream it all up again’ message... If so, we're still up for a 30th anniversary of the ZOO TV Tour in about four years.
  4. One of the highlights of tonight was Bono talking about the mayor of Amsterdam and asked the audience what her name is, some girl tried to shout her name, but Bono couldn't hear it, so he threw his microphone to her so she could say her name: 'Femke Halsema' on which Bono responded that you want to pronounce that in the right way ?
  5. If you're still looking for tickets for tonight or tomorrow night, head over to Ticketmaster: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/artist/u2-tickets/2257
  6. If you guys need any info on Amsterdam, public transport, places to visit and so on, please visit my post: For those that have tickets for the first night, be aware that Ajax (our famous football team) is playing a home game in the Johan Cruijff ArenA (formerly known as Amsterdam ArenA), which is next to Ziggo. The match starts at 16:45 and will end approximately at 18:30, so it can be quite crowded in that area and on the train station Bijlmer/ArenA. I'm really excited as I will get my both loves, Ajax and U2, on the same day at the same area ?
  7. As in every other city Ticketmaster is selling additional tickets for both U2 shows in Amsterdam right now. I even managed to get my hands on a GA ticket, maybe more will pop up, so just visit the Ticketmaster site and hit refresh ?
  8. Since I'm an inhabitant of Amsterdam and we are all ride our bicycles I don't have any knowledge about Uber, what I do know is that you guys have to be extra careful taking a taxi. A lot of taxi drivers are ok and are member of decent companies, but there's a lot that work on their own and try to rip their customers off. Never ever take a taxi on the airport that is offered to you by someone in the terminal, just take the official queue at the stand. The all-in-one transport card is really useful, maybe better than the I Amsterdam card, but that all depends on the number of museums and other attractions you're planning to visit. Like I said you can even buy a ticket including train to/from the airport, but you can buy a single ticket on the train station. If you love to walk and explore try to stay out of the city Centre and visit neighbourhoods like 'Oud-West' (where the 'Hallen' are), from there you can easily walk into the Vondelpark and discover Oud-Zuid (South). Finally: when planning to see a museum, especially the Anne Frank House, be aware of huge queues that can be avoided by pre booking. Just visit the website and check it out. Enjoy Amsterdam, I know I do ?
  9. So the tour has hit Europe and I wonder if this AR-App is still valid for these gigs as the opening song changed to The Blackout.
  10. Giethoorn is quite far away, I think there's plenty to see and do around Amsterdam. Here's one insiders tip: take the ferry on the back of Central Station towards NDSM werf and you'll end up in a great area where a huge ship dock used to be. Now all kinds of nice restaurants and bars can be found, there's even a beach! Or take a train to Zandvoort, it's about half an hour to the beach.
  11. A great sign. Cool story, I'm glad I took my daughter to a couple of shows (Vertigo and 360), maybe they were more suitable for newbies, but the experience to be so close to the action is great too.
  12. You're welcome. And well, I've got a Swedish girlfriend...
  13. First of all, you can take a train directly to the Venue, the station you need is called Amsterdam Bijlmer/ArenA, it's 10 minutes walk (around the stadium) towards the Ziggo Dome. In the Ziggo Dome they have lockers to store your luggage, but be aware that if they aren't available anymore you cannot enter the venue. If you're traveling from Amsterdam Central station you can take the metro 54 to Bijlmer ArenA, it's about 20 minutes. Or you can take a train towards Bijlmer ArenA. About tickets: there are tickets available for both train into Amsterdam and public transport in Amsterdam for a number of days, you can choose. Useful links: https://www.ns.nl/en (Dutch railroads, or SJ as they're called in Sverige) and https://en.gvb.nl (Amsterdam public transport company)
  14. I can't find the exact map for the Köln venue, but here's one for Hamburg. The setting is the same. Stage (Bühne) and e-stage are connected with a catwalk with the video screen on top of it. The Red Zones are connected from the Stage into the venue. They provide the best view (that's why they're located at that spot), so being just outside them gives you a second best view at the screen.
  15. Another option is to stand right in front of the Red Zone, so no one is pushing in your back and if you're lucky the people inside the Red Zone can provide you with drinks ? The view at the stage and the screen is much better then being on the rail somewhere between both stages.
  16. In fact he lost his voice during the first Amsterdam gig on that tour Joker. They played a short gig while Bono was coughing and was in real pain, luckily the audience took over most of the singing parts. The next two gigs in Amsterdam where cancelled and we were told to keep our tickets and after a few days they arranged four extra nights in Rotterdam in January 1990. We were really lucky that they arranged this, because BB King and band were supposed to play some gigs in the US, but they managed to squeeze these extra nights in. We had to send the tickets back by mail and fill in some form telling the concert promoter if we wanted a new ticket or a refund. All that wanted a new ticket had to wait for a lottery because the four nights in Rotterdam had less available tickets, so some of us got a ticket and some got a refund. I was really lucky, had tickets for all Amsterdam nights and got three tickets for Rotterdam. In fact the last night in Rotterdam turned out to be quite an special night with lots of surprises and a huge party on stage and off stage. So the famous New Years' Day concert in Dublin wasn't the latest of the tour, that turned out to be Rotterdam January 10th, if you can listen to it.
  17. I'm not sure if U2 fans meet up, but normally the guys of U2Start.com organize thinks like these (they are Dutch). So check their website. There are plenty of pubs in Central Amsterdam, I'm not sure if there's one that attracts more U2 fans than other, but my guess would be O'Reilly's which is located at the back of the Royal Palace on Dam square. From there it's about 10 minutes walk to Central Station to get to the metro towards the venue. About the hotel, they normally stay at Amstel Hotel, I don't know what time they get out to go to the venue, just check Twitter and Instagram to see what time the leave at other cities. In Berlin they left the hotel at about 2pm.
  18. Biking is always a good idea ? Ziggo Dome is located in a boring part of Amsterdam, but if you pick the right route the scenery around you is quite stunning. If you pick the short route it's about 20 minutes from U2's hotel to Ziggo. In fact Katy Perry did go to the Ziggo Dome by bike 'as Amsterdammers do'. The footage has removed from Instagram, but it was quite funny to see lots of paparazzi and fans waiting for her while she was filming them from the back on her bike...
  19. How convenient for them, now they have plenty of time to have a proper lunch, sleep, shower and be sure to get up front tonight!
  20. As always I will be happy to help my fellow U2-fans out on any questions you'll have about Amsterdam, where to go and how to get to the Ziggo Dome. For the people that have been here before: the public transport system has changed, there's a new metro (subway/underground) line and lots of trams have changed routes. Another thing to be aware of is that the Amsterdam ArenA, which is called Johan Cruijff ArenA now, hosts a football match on Sunday afternoon. That match starts at 16:45 and will end approximately at 18:30. So be aware that there will be a lot of people in and around the stadium when you are traveling to the Ziggo Dome (which is just besides the stadium). Questions? Need advice? Just ask.
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