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  1. Happy Birthday to the man!! You are a genius with a guitar...you are so melodic, your guitar "sings" like no one ever has...I am happy to see youare finally getting your due as one of the most innovative guitar players in history...can't wait to see this new movie!! Happy Birthday Edge!!!
  2. One more great album..and Radiohead might be Top 5 Kings of Leon have lots of potential...great new album!!
  3. The Beattles not rock?? U2 not rock?? (Edge, please forgive them) I am now blasting: Revolution (The Beattles) Bullett the Blue Sky (U2) Sounds like Rock N Roll to me!!
  4. "Crazy Tonight"-U2.... Here comes "I Want You"...Kings of Leon
  5. Love it!!! Thanks for the sneak preview!! As much as my daughter loves the animated video...I will take the boys live anytime!!!
  6. xtraspicy62 wrote: Mick Jagger is still in top notch shape, so lean and trim with a tight ab area and I think, still great energy and cardio endurance for shows. Everyone says that the 80's hair group Whitesnake is a joke, so to have a laugh, I went to see them live 3 years ago, and I saw men with open shirts and washboard abs doing a kick-ass performance. I wasn't laughing. I was enjoying them! Last year on the Van Halen tour, David Lee Roth had the body of a 20 something, and I think he's about 50. David Lee Roth was truely inspiring to see LOL...I had to comment on this post....ummm...Mick and David are thin from Decades worth of Drug use....they are permanentely "Wired"and will never gain weight again!!
  7. Thanks for the link Coquelicot..that was very cool to see!!! I have mixed feelings on the remix. As a House/Electronic music fan, I think its very cool! I think they released a dance version of the song in Europe,and are supporting it on the tour. I have a feeling they will go back to the regular version on the American leg of the tour (IE: Like how they left"Fast Cars" off of the American version of "Bomb", as Europe is way more into dance music then Americans are). On the other hand I have grown to love this song! I hate how my favorite part of the song is cut out..."Baby Baby Baby, you know Im not alone!!! Hey!Hey! Hey!(Hit it Edge!!!)". I really hope they go back to the original version in the states!!
  8. It is unbelievable that U2 has stayed together, and put out relevant music for 30 years. Something no other Rock Band has ever done. This brings up thediscussion, where do they rank all time?? Are they the greatest "Rock Band" of all time?? Rank your "5 greatest Rock Bands of all time??" 1) U2 (30 years of killer/relevant music, gotta be #1) 2) The Beattles (Abbey Road might be the greatest album of all time) 3) Led Zepellin (If only they could have stayed together/alive) 4) Queen (I think these guys were way underrated!) 5) The Doors (Morrison was brilliant) Sorry "Stones"...I have to leave you off the list...I have none of your CDs...and you haven't put out anything memorable in almost 20 years...Iwould put them #6 out of respect
  9. As Bruce himself said in the U2 Hall of Fame Induction speach..."U2 is the last band we will know all the names of" (John Paul RingoGeorge......Bono, Larry, Adam, The Edge) My fiance is from Croatia (ex Yugoslavia), and she moved to the states 8 years ago. She had not heard of "Bruce Springsteen" before moving here.Being European, she definitely knows who U2 are. Not sure you all realize how big U2 is in the world. Keep in mind they are a "European Band" who are as big as Bruce in his own country (I saybigger). Around the world, its really not even close.
  10. Great pics girl...love them...again I have mucho admiration for the boss...not that into his music, but lots of respect! He is way bigger on the East Coast then West....we are about the same age (40), at my high school on the west coast there were no hard core "brucefans"....Im sure there were where you live. (Close to Jersey) and I think Ive heard of that Saxaphone guy!! (teeeheee) Cheers!
  11. Only on the East Coast (Northeast) is Bruce as big as U2...in other area's of the country, and around the world, they are not at the same level Really not threatened...just reality...as much as I respect "The Bruce".... Can anyone name a member of the "Eaststreet Band"???? (probably not, this proves our point) Cheers from the West Coast!!
  12. Super Cool Post Kennyu...I had not seen that performance...awsome! What a frenzy that crowd is in!!
  13. One last point on "Crazy Tonight"...my last 2 cents in regard to this song...which has grown and grown on me over the past few months....for thefirst few weeks of the album it was towards the bottom for me on the "top songs on the new album list"....it seemed too basic to be one of myfavorites....I loved the more complicated stuff like "No Line" and "Breathe"... Then I realized Edge's guitar at the end of the song was one of those "Edge Moments"...in which his guitar became more then a guitar, but sang amelody along with Bono to create something uniquely U2! Now over time it has become one of my favorites on the album...simple like "sweetest thing",but grows into (dare I say it) a passion like "Bad"...... I just watched all 5 Letterman performances again...keep in mind the crowd had never heard the new music....I think if you watch these performances it showsthe quality of this song!!! Out of the new material, I felt it was the best reaction from the crowd. If this makes it commercial, so be it. Its cool like"Sweetest Thing", its passionate like "Bad". Great song! "It's not a hill...it's a mountain...as we start out on the climb!" (love the passion in his voice/lyrics) I disagree with any fan who doesn't like this song Cheers!
  14. My Apologies Fortitude....I officially give you your U2 Fan Card back......you are overly analytical about the music, but DEFINITELY A FAN . Sorry for ever suggesting. I respect most of your points. For whatever reason, people like to come down on Bono about the lyrics on this album. He loves to write about spirituality, and I find the lyrics to be aspassionate as they have always been. I guess Im not one to sit around and wonder "what does that mean", I rather just feel the passion of the wordsalong with the passion of the music. I find that they blend well as always on this album..."It was a Joyful Noise!!!"...."I found grace insidea sound, I found grace it's all that I found!"...."Then she put her tongue in my ear!!" Very passionate...very spiritual...very cool...love it!! I also think you like the new album more then you think Fortitude...there are lots of positives in your writing. Moment of Surrender is a gospel song, verysimilar to "I still haven't found". Good point on this album being pieces of all their albums, I totally agree. In that way it is differentthen Achtung. Similar to Achtung in that it is much different then the last 2 records, a shocking change that some fans are having a hard time swallowing. Ilived Achtung, and there were tons of fans/critics who were not initially into that album after its release. They received a lot of crap for the new sound. Now it is seen as their masterpiece along with Joshua Tree. People have a hard time with change. It is human nature to want everything to stay the same, life is safer that way. But change is what makes this band sogreat. It's what sets them apart from all of the great "Rock Bands' of all time. They might just be the greatest. Cheers
  15. LOL...you are confused by your close to New Jersey location....Bruce is not even in the conversation of "Greatest Rock Bands of alltime"....hmmm...this would make a good topic!! (U2, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors...these are the bands that come up in this discussion) Bruce isa solo act. The "Eaststreet Band" backs him up. His name resinates large in America, but not so much World Wide. "Born in the USA" madehim famous in America. Not so much around the world. U2 are the godfathers of "Alternative Rock"....they built the format....you must not be a fan of "Alternative Rock" if you can't hearwhats great about the new album...they remain cutting edge!! (Just like WAR/Achtung/Zooropa/POP) They experiment and create more then any other band. This iswhat makes them great. This is what is better about this album more then the last 2 (and I love the last 2 in some ways) They went back to experimenting,instead of doing what the "Joshua Tree" fans wanted (a back to basic approach) Which is why they suspended the Lillywhite sessions, and went back toEno to create "New and Alternative" Rock music. They are cutting edge again. Please bring us more great alternative rock tunes like "NoLine", "Magnificent", "Unknown Caller", "Breathe", "Fez". I love the songs they created with Eno. "CrazyTonight" I believe was leftover from the Lillywhite sessions. A more basic song, that grows into Edge's amazing guitar melody. We will never agreeon your criticism of the new album. U2 has always been experimenters, it's what makes them so great. I look forward to your response....I will let you get in the last word of sorts Cheers from the West Coast!
  16. Bruce is not a "Rock Band"! Again I say the "Only Rock Band to make relevant music, and stay on top for 30 years" (Comparing Bruce and U2 in tour revenue and sales over the past 10 years, its not even close!) Welcome back Fortitude....you dare to criticize Bono?? Don't you know he is a living saint? Don't you find it hard to criticize this amazing man?? and NLOTH is theclosest thing to Achtung they have done. So different, there own fans are saying "What is this? Its sounds too different?". Just like they didwhen Achtung come out. I remember U2 fans disgusted by "The Fly" (that song chopped down the Joshua Tree! I loved it! and ya, why isnt The Fly onU2's greatest hits?? Great point) Ugh!...Stand up Comedy is the worst song on the album (ooops, did I just criticize??) How do you open with this song?? Yikes!!! I can groove to Boots, but forwhatever reason, I can't do it to Comedy. Should have been a B side. "Love and Peace"
  17. I mainly speak of Rock Bands...U2 are the ONLY ones who have done it over 30 years....still at the top in record sales (all bands record sales are falling),still at the top in touring, still at the top with critics! (Sweeping grammies last 2 albums, and they will sweep again this year! 5 Star Reviews by RollingStone and other mags. ) As much as I love Bruce since the U2 induction speach, you can't say he is still "on top". U2 still is, despite the people who are trying tobring the "biggest band in the world" down. Again I say, NO ONE has done it 30 years like U2 has!! and again..there were no insults by me...just pointing out the facts that certain people get off on being critical...its how they function in life...its howthey make themselves feel better about their own lives. If you want to bash the band on their own website, for music I know they/we truly love, we have theright to counter attack!! and if you round up, they are basically 50!
  18. Wow....there is a U2 fan that doesnt like Miracle Drug?? Is that possible?? Best song on Bomb! Man...you gotta have issues to not like that song For me its about what this site should be about....a celebration that is U2! Go blog at RollingStone.com or something if you want to be critical about theband. I dont believe this is the forum to be critical. Its sad for me that the only place I hear critisicm about U2 is on this site!! My friends and familyall have the album, and are amazed they make such cool music at 50! Something NO ONE has ever done!! You people are listening to the wrong radio format, asBoots and Magnificent were #1 or #2 on the play list on "Adult Rock" stations. At this point its silly to expect to hear them on Top 40 stations.They are still doing it at 50! They are the Miracle Drug! If this makes me a sheep...then so be it....its the closest I ever get to heaven!
  19. "Baby Baby Baby. I Know Im Not Alone!!" "Hey Hey Hey!" ((Hit it Edge))
  20. Wow...Fortitude...we are close on our favorite albums....I guess we can get along ... I wanted to restart this discussion...see how everyone feels now that the album has been out longer... See you all at the Vegas Show!!
  21. Bono Sings..."Dragging me down...That's not the way it used to be" Im over it...see you all in the Red Zone in Vegas Baby!!
  22. 1) The "One" reference was for whomever brought up the "American" comment. It had nothing to do with our discussion about "CrazyTonight" and the new album. 2) Please show me where I have insulted anyone?? Didn't happen. If your on this site bashing the band, you should turn in your "fan card". 3) This site is about rejoicing in U2. It is about the fans. Its not about being critical. And yes, this discussion has gotten "Negative" about"Crazy Tonight". It is our right to defend the band!! As Bono sings in Boots...."You just don't get it do you??"
  23. I am pretty sure I speak for a lot of people on this website who are sick and tired of the "negativity" that so called fans bring to this site. Iswear you people make yourselves feel better about your lives by putting others down, and being overly critical of the new sound. I also remember the sametype of criticisim when "Actung Baby" was released...I was tired of it then...I am tired of it now! (Because I can hear how cool the new album is!!) The boys are 50...they are still making relevant cool music...stop and smell the roses...and REJOICE in the greatest band of all time!!! (they will never bewhat they were at 20 or 30, we all should know this. But what they are doing is still beautiful, and very cool!!) There are many great moments in "CrazyTonight" PS...What the heck does our Nationality have to do with this discussion?? For gods sake we are One World , "One Love...Sisters....Brothers!!"
  24. Fortitude...you really need to stop and smell the roses buddy. I think it might be time to turn in your U2 fan card, and get off of our website. We love the new album The Fans PS...Edges guitar at the end of Crazy tonight is the happiest point on the album!!
  25. At this point in their career, there is no doubt in U2's status within the history of Rock N Roll. If you need more ammunition, see "BruceSpringsteen's speach" inducting U2 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I dont think anyone has ever summed up U2 better then Bruce did that night.
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