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  1. Case CLOSED, tickets found a new home!
  2. Janza

    I will follow

    I'm sure to recognize these arms! Nice piccie, Kari - hope to see you on the gigs! Last time it was Paris and it might be Paris this year too? Heading there for the first two nites.
  3. Whoooaah! Sometimes magic just happens. If ANYONE has pictures of this "encounter", please message me/share - I'm more than happy to hand out a little price for getting more piccies on this unique (to me) happening! As of background info, I happen to share (wonder how come ) similar sunglasses as mr Hewson does (Armani Bono Red) ... Band was just leaving Helsinki on Sunday and Bono was not planning any long fan session at front of Hotel Kämp his time (was out for less than 3minutes and off he goes). He was dashing for his minibus, but then: Me: "Bono, check out these cool glasses!"
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