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  1. Bluray has been around for 14ish years. To the point it's now last generation video tech, and UHD bluray is the new tech. I think many people that still use optical media have bluray players. Standalones or built into gaming consoles. It's like saying it should be on vhs because people haven't bought dvd players yet. It seems unfair to offer inferior quality so the handful of people on old tech can play the disc. That being said, it doesn't seem difficult to appease fans. Like a previous poster said they could include both a dvd and a bluray in the set. Alternately, they coul
  2. I'm also disappointed that it's a dvd only option. I've gotten to use to watching content in HD over the last 15 years. It's hard going back and watching SD content on a nice TV. Streaming/Bluray's it's all HD now. It's almost like when I was a kid and having a rough time watching things that were B&W. I'm not going to shell out for a DVD, but if they add a bluray option I'd be all over it.
  3. I thought I'd add comments but I don't have any solutions. The U2 show in Vancouver will be my first paperless concert. I'm lucky enough that I go to enough other concerts that I understand what it's for. It's to prevent scalping. You have to scan your credit card, get your stub, and immediately enter the venue. It gives you nearly no opportunity to resell your tickets to someone else. I'm all for it and it's one of the few things Ticketmaster does that I agree with. If they allowed exceptions or situations where they could be transferred or someone else could use them then
  4. I'm late to the game but I got a GA ticket for the second Vancouver show. It was pretty easy. I did keep my membership renewed so that helped. The U22 cd and 360 tour book/cd kept me hooked. Then last year I figured why not they'd probably tour soon. I remember on the last tour they gave a little priority to people who were members before the tour was announced (allthough I had no problems getting tickets for the Edmonton show on that tour either).
  5. It went pretty smooth for me. Refreshed the page at 10am, bought tickets to the 2nd Vancouver show. Got GA tickets no problem. I guess all the kinks got worked out when the eastern tix went on sale
  6. It's $50 if your starting a new membership and $40 to renew an existing membership. Obiously it's $50 the first time you sign up, and if you look again it'll say $40 because it's the renewal price.. lol
  7. The last 3 tours had a pit section up front so waiting all day (or random winning on the Vertigo tour) got you into the pit. With the stage being superwide and taking up the whole floor like a Metallica show, I'm not sure one needs to wait all day because there's no front section to get access too. I'm also wondering where the best place to be is... front. back or middle? lol.
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