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  1. Thanks for this info..I was wondering what was the ‘procedure’ See everyone tomorrow morning 😍
  2. I think the band has more important things to deal with instead of dealing w/ a group of ‘adults’ acting like kids. Really, like someone said “same old faces”... if they were ‘true’ U2 fans they would give others a chance to enjoy the exhilaration of being at the rail...but of course not. The band is also most likely sick of seeing the same ones all the time.
  3. Wait the line started already?? Awww I wanted to do more sightseeing today...😩
  4. Heard back from from Ticketek: Me: J Jun 17, 12:30 AEST U2 Joshua Tree Tour - I will be coming from the USA. I will get a Sim card once I am in Australia & as a result, my phone number will change. So I won't get the delivery of my digital tix to the correct phone number. Am I able to change my phone number in my account shortly before the shows? I am going to both shows in Sydney & also a show in Adelaide & Melbourne. Thank you Liz Ticketek: Merina (Ticketek) Jun 18, 13:04 AEST Dear Elizabeth, We understand your concern. As per your concern, we would request you to please login to your ticketek account and change the mobile on the website. Our, webiste is www.ticketek.com.au. Regards, Merina Online Support Me: Jun 18, 13:56 AEST Will the tickets appear under my account on Ticketek? As they do on Ticketmaster or are we going to get a text w/ the ticket? I do want to clarify(sorry) but when I get to Australia the 2nd week of November & get a new phone number I can change it then & will get my tix? Thank you Liz Dunn Ticketek: Merina (Ticketek) Jun 18, 15:42 AEST Dear Elizabeth, We would request you to please contact us at 132849 once you reach Australia. So, that we will be able to assist you better. Regards, Merina Online Support Sounds easy enough, hope all goes as planned!
  5. So I got this from TM: Me: I am coming from the USA. I will be getting a Sim card once I arrive in NZ so I will have a different phone number. Will it be OK to change my phone number in my TM account once I arrive in NZ so I get my digital tix? Not sure what to do. I am going to both shows in Auckland. Thank Liz TM: Yes, that will be fine as your tickets will be viewable from your Ticketmaster account. More information on Mobile Tickets can be found here - I hope this helps. Khryss | Customer Service Ticketmaster New Zealand Me: So just to clarify- the tickets are not necessarily sent to my phone via a text, they will be on my TM account w/ the QR scan or bar code? Thank you Liz Dunn TM: Hi there, Yes, that is correct. Kind Regards, Jodi | Customer Service Ticketmaster New Zealand I haven't heard back from Ticketek yet.
  6. Yeah, I suppose.....I did finally find the phone number in the 'billing' section not in 'profile' as I thought so I think I can change it once I get to NZ. Thanks, Max
  7. OK so I've got GA for both nites in Auckland..WHEEE.. but I just thought oh oh..cuz when I get to Auckland I have to get a Sim card f or my phone ( I have always done this when traveling) so that means I will have a different number than what was listed in TM, NZ. I just went to TM NZ to see if I can change it & I don't see where I can change my phone number at all when I get to NZ?? Went to profile, billing etc. ????
  8. I also hit the 'update' button next to it--don't know if you have to or not but I did & it went thru
  9. You have to put the + in the second area it asks for the phone number. I had the same trouble..keep the first one how you normally would put it For USA the first one would be 18081234567 for the 2nd one it would be +18081234567 That worked for me
  10. I was in tears at one point but everyone on this forum was so helpful & kept giving me great suggestions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you all!!
  11. Finally got tix for Sydney & Adelaide!! have to put +1 in the 2nd box for phone & hit update. Thank you sooo much, everyone, for helping & I really hope to meet up w/ all of you there! ALOHA!!!!!🌴
  12. I did put the + in several times & it then says I have a nonnumeric item in the number!!
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