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  1. Don't worry about the "seat number" in GA They have to assign a number to your "seat" , even when it's Standing Only for security reasons : there's a maximum number of people permitted. Don't worry, you're fine.
  2. So there IS a Pitch 2 you can choose... Let's hope the Croke Park seating chart was right...
  3. So, Croke Park would be the only venue where there would be two GA sections ? I can imagine there's a barrier somehow, not figured in other stadiums charts ; but I cannot imagine there's two GA prices and even less that you can choose right now between those two. 45mn still, and we'll know.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can. Technically. THE difficulty here is that tickets are sold soooo fast ! It's difficult to choose between different sections.
  5. It's like playing with fire. If you first choice is the first show to open, that's ok, no big risk here. But if, for some time-zone reason, the first show to open is NOT the one you really want, then you MAY be scr*wed when the good one opens. My advice would be to favor the one show you really want, then eventually go back to the show already opened ; at the risk of being already sold-out, for sure.... That's a risk both ways.
  6. Yeah, maybe you're right. But the catwalk on the 360 tour was, de facto, the barrier. We'll see tomorrow. (My opinion is there's only one GA price.)
  7. Same here, for one room/two nights. The prices suddenly skyrocketed ! (I booked three nights, hoping for a second gig. )
  8. No it's not. First arrived first served. At least that was the case for the 360 tour. Yeah. Even though there's no catwalk this time, being in the Pitch 2 zone makes you closer to the stage and the band. (Been there done that ) Separate entry points, separate lines : be sure to get the good one upon arrival in front of Croke Park's entrance. (Strangely enough, some people are there VERY early but chose to go to the other side of the barrier. Not this time obivously, because there's no catwalk.)
  9. Hey there, One question. The FAQ notes that "for example you can purchase 2 tickets for a show in New York and 2 tickets for a show in San Francisco, or 1 ticket for New York, 1 ticket for San Francisco, 1 ticket for London and 1 ticket for Rome". Obviously, for cities in different time zones in Europe (UK + Ireland vs Continental Europe), you have to wait that every presale opens. But each city/country has its own Ticketmaster : does it mean I can use my presale code for multiple orders on multiple TicketMaster ? (up to 4 tickets obviously). Can someone be positive on this ?
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