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  1. Thats an old pic, old twinkle toes Edge has on a different shirt and Larry has his old hairstyle, think someone is on the wind up πŸ˜†
  2. Seems a bit odd, he was on a live TV show in the UK on Friday night, suppose he could have flown out yesterday to do his thing?
  3. The tree is more like a Bonzai......... or should I say a Bonozai😝
  4. Bono said sorry we were late , is that why the dropped Bad? πŸ˜•
  5. Not a fan of One as the final song, wouldn't it be great after One if Edge swapped guitars with Adam .........
  6. They could be announcing that Adams cutting his toe nails, I wouldn't care as long as we got a pro shot song from the tour live.πŸ˜†
  7. Awwww I was enjoying that footage, I wish all concerts were broadcast like that!😊
  8. When i watch the U2 at the BBC special it always gets a bit dusty in my house around the time of LOve is Bigger 😒
  9. Yea the U2gigs one has a very noticeable echo, still it seems to be the most reliable, better than nothing I suppose.
  10. I had a bit of a late night watching U2 youtube videos and slept in for this concert, missed the whole ***** thing πŸ˜•
  11. Chattiest audience ever, poor mysteriousdays has had to move about to try and get away from the yapping
  12. Hearing talk of a 10 o clock curfew? It's 8 now, that would surely mean cutting a song or two? U2 start saying curfewis 10.30 panic over
  13. πŸ˜‚ Think ive done enough moaning for now. 😝
  14. Thanks for that, good to hear you got a decent resolution to your problem, I think customer service in America means a lot more, they sound like they go out of their way to help it seems and are willing to look into complaints unbiasedly. Customer service at Manchester arena seems to consist of one woman who thinks she is some sort of shield , blocking any complaints from going further, I'm not great on the phone and would have probably lost the plot if I spoke to her but my wife did eventually get through and she repeated the same rubbish intoxicated blah blah . She had obviously never looked into the complaint other than maybe looking at some journal that security must write up for refusing people entry. God forbid checking into it with other security or even cctv and seeing she was wrong. I feel it's a total stitch up she wont let it go further and wont give us the emails of anyone senior to her. I have even asked her for the head of security email for SMG Europe (the owners of the arena) It's a big cover up to either to protect a power crazed security woman, or to protect their security being made to look bad, Not entirely sure why but customer service has failed too so as you say that's two instances where they have not provided decent service. I wouldn't mind but I'm not even expecting a refund or anything, a simple apology..... and maybe a promise that they will look into retraining certain staff so this doesn't happen to others.........................and my tickets that i paid for sent to me ( i collect them) Although I know now I will never see these 😒
  15. Hey not at all, You made a good point...It's been 6 months now I should maybe let it go and move on. I should have moved on after I got back home after the trip to Manchester to be honest, but It seriously effected me. I'm embarrassed to admit I was sitting in Manchester train station (where the RZ entry was) with tears running down my face like a little kid and Im 56 🀣 I think Cork Vegan is right it was a form of bullying by someone with a tiny bit of power, that let it go to her head and I have to admit that the bullies have won this time and there is no more I can do about it. We got in in the end, things could have been worse. But don't worry Manohlive you didn't come across as harsh. It has been good to vent about it and get feedback on how others would have felt and delt with the situation. Oh and sorry joaocosta4 for highjacking your thread πŸ˜•
  16. I agree it was in no way anything to do with U2, purely down to Manchester Arena and one security womans bad training or racism? There was no doubt my wife was not intoxicated as the head of security at that door told us to come back later which we did, and he was happy to let us in but when we went to hand him our tickets out of our envelope they were gone, we never realized in all the panic that the first security woman had taken them when we initially got stopped. So this guy spent 15 minutes checking the RZ desk and trying to find our tickets, we had the bands but that wasnt enough. While doing this we did see the same woman coming back from the station /public area and she just smirked at us . Part of me thinks she was handing our tickets to someone to try and resale? Between the security boss, 4 security guys at other points and the policeman that led us off the premises ( yes we had to be led off by the police, wife can be stubborn and she refused to move 🀣) all agreed she wasn't inebriated , even the policeman said we should complain! What made it worse was, I bought these tickets around the time my wifes Mum died and looking forward to this concert was something that got her through the next 9 hard months as she was now also left to look after a sick Aunt with Alzheimers. We have done 4 Red Zones but that was over the last 4 tours, we were lucky in the fact the scalper saw us and saw we were upset, he gave us two tickets for seats at the back (think they were £110 face value) for £100 for both It's just the point that one person can cause so much hurt/cost on a whim that riles me. Maybe you are right, I should take solace in the fact I donated to help the charity and that we got in in the end and just let go of the anger.
  17. I have gave up on Red Zone for good, done it 4 times now and unless you get in fairly early you are not going to have a great view. As it turns out our last effort at the RZ in Manchester ended with my wife and I getting escorted of the premises because she was deemed as intoxicated. (which she was not) With the thought of missing our first concert in 30 years we eventually had to buy more tickets from a tout ( the security stole hers and mine even though I was not stopped) we went in another door spoke to 4 lots of security (none of whom accused us of being inebriated) we had our RZ bands on so we made our way to the RZ and met up with our friends. I dont mind paying a lot more for a decent view.... but to be stopped (because of i suspect our Scottish accents) on a whim by a badly trained security woman has sickened me of the RZ And despite emailing the Manchester Arena to complain for 6 months now , their customer service woman is shockingly bad, no looking into it, just brushing it under the carpet and ignoring me, wont give me her bosses email either. I have seriously considered getting a lawyer onto this but cant afford it and thats what they are counting on.........we have not yet had an apology nor got our tickets we paid Β£700 for and which i collect back.
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