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  1. My 13th U2 gig, & it wasn’t one of the best. Set list was paced awfully, a cluster of hits to get the crowd going ‘I will follow’ & Gloria’ then when the crowd were peaking, they slow it right down. I love Achtung Baby, but felt the set list was a bit too heavy with it, when so many other great albums tracks could have got an airing. I hated the whole EU crap, not everyone shares your view Bono, we’ve come to have a good time, not to be preached at, or converted. Also didn’t like how some of the tracks were almost disco-fied, & jazzed up. Don’t mess with it - play em as they origi
  2. With the 2 Manchester shows being so far off (Oct), I was surprised to get an email yesterday, advising me that my 2 pre-sale seated tickets for Oct 19th had been posted already. Normally it’s much closer to the event.
  3. I’d love it to be him - it would allow time for the loo, & bar! ?
  4. And also on the U2.com tour date page. Sadly, I don’t think my wallet will stretch to another night in Manchester - with ticket, & hotel
  5. So glad I was able to get the tickets I wanted for Manchester, with the pre-sale last week. I’m also SO happy I don’t have to be part of the mad scramble, crashed phone & internet systems.
  6. Would LOVE to see the brilliant local band, Slow Readers Club, support in their home town of Manchester. That would be gig heaven
  7. Would be good - but unlikely, seeing as NGHFB will be in the middle of their own tour.
  8. Saturday is still as possible as Thursday me thinks. Guess we’ll know if they are adding a 2nd datte, after tickets have gone on General Sake, on Friday. I’m personally thinking they are more likely to add more London dates, rather than Manchester ones. Who knows!
  9. Agree with this - especially as I have a colleague who’s never been a member before, who signed up for a paid account at 9.55am on Friday, who still got a pre-sale code, & was able to buy ‘Innocence’ tickets at 10.00am.
  10. Well said. They’ve more than helped me a time or two. Thanks a million guys. I do appreciate it lots.
  11. Was telling a work friend at 9.50am this morning, that I was waiting to purchase U2 pre-sale tickets. He asked how I managed/was able to do that. I explained about being a paid member. By 9.55am, he’d signed up to this site, & managed to get a pre-sale code! He’s never been a member before. I was gobsmacked. Surely people shouldn’t be able to do that? I’m stunned it was possible.
  12. Sure I read someplace that the show would be ‘in the round’ (middle of the Arena?) with a few smaller stages running off it. With a NEW video wall, with 9 times higher definition than the previous indoor screen on the i&e tour.
  13. I doubt there will be any support act to be honest - same as on the i&e tour. It’ll just be be 2+hours of U2. IF there was to be a support act, I’d love it to be someone like James, Slow Readers Club, Starsailor, or Embrace!
  14. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. At least you have some precious tickets in the bag! Enjoy mate
  15. My friend also sat behind the stage at the O2, on the i&e tour. She didn’t like it to be honest. It’s not what you go for - but she couldn’t see the massive screen/video wall from that view - although they did put it up on a TV screen for them, but it wasn’t the same. There wasn’t any of the ‘WOW’ factor, or ability to enjoy the spectacle like the rest of us. She did as she put it ‘Spend most of the time looking at Bono’s ass’. They rarely, if at all turned round to that section too. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, & I apologise - but it’s an honest review. Whilst still
  16. Think the pre-sale allocation has sold out mate. I got 2 seats. I’ve also got a friend who bought 2 seats, we managed to all get on the same row, in the same block... a few seats between us tho’. I know that doesn’t help much, but it might be an alternative - better than no tickets at all. Good luck
  17. Thank you! That was another smooth/slick pre-sale (Innocence) ticket buying process, bang on at 10.00am. Got the seats/price level I wanted, so very happy with that too!
  18. Excellent news that it’s now after the ‘Innocence’ pre-sale. It was seriously honking me off too
  19. See replies to the 2 other threads you’ve posted on!
  20. Without wishing to be horrible - you come across as someone on the make, +/- trying to jump the queue, & beat genuine fans to tickets! 1/ You’ve only just joined this site in the last hour - judging by your profile 2/ You have an unpaid membership - this meaning you shouldn’t have ANY pre-sale codes at all. PLEASE DONT HELP THIS GUY GET TICKETS AHEAD OF GENUINE FANS. He may be a fan, he may be a tout.
  21. Looking at your profile - you’ve only joined in the last hour, have an unpaid membership, & shouldn’t have a ‘Experience’ code anyway!
  22. Seeing as I hate the idea - I’m hardly likely to promote it, & help non subscribers get tickets ahead of me!
  23. Good luck everyone - hope we all get the tickets we want.
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