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  1. I would not bet on this been put out on general release, nowhere does it say it’s exclusive only the photo booklet is exclusive, I have a feeling this will be released as I have never known U2 to leave money on the table
  2. I have a feeling that they will release this to the public to buy, as it does not say it exclusively only fan club release. It only says the photo booklet is exclusive
  3. I sure we can buy the Live DVD or Box Set of The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour before the end of the year so they wont it give it to us as a gift
  4. Can we open a poll of here to vote, maybe if one of The Moderators could do it?
  5. Great idea if we could even have a poll on if you are happy with 2018 or not, I would have been happy with two cd of I and E Tour even the Paris concert on two cds would have been better than this,
  6. Very disappointed with this, which most fan who collected vinyl who already have, I wonder if we get Rattle and Hum 30th Anniversary Box Set In October this year
  7. Have the original 12” single, pity they could not have come up with even a few live tracks from Lovetown tour
  8. Hi All I got Two GA tickets for Tuesday 6th, who anyone like to to swap one GA for Monday 5th, can meet in Dublin that evening. I like to go to the two shows Thanks
  9. can I buy one ticket for each of the two Dublin shows with my per sale code, Thanks
  10. I was hoping to buy two GA for Dublin and swap one so I would be able to go both nights, I think I will find it hard now to find someone who wants to swap
  11. Pm sent, I need second ticket happy to swap and pay for second ticket Thanks
  12. Irish fan over 35 years looking for one Pitch 2 or Pitch 1 ticket can meet in Dublin anytime, Thanks
  13. Hi Ulla , I just messaged you , if you please have one spare ticket,Irish fan for over 35 years here Thanks
  14. Hi Ulla 

    Irish fan for 35 years looking for one  Pitch 2 ticket, if you have a spare one Please



  15. Hi Bonomandela just sent you message, Irish fan for the last 35 years looking for GA ticket Thanks Joe
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