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    Soccer, Jogging, Photography, my border collies, travel, reading and of course U2
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    Boy/Achtung Baby
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    Electric Co. Live
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    Croke Park 1985
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    Croke Park Jlu 2017
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    2nd night in Belfast 19/11/15
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    Only 1 ?

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  1. Hi can someone help me. I got my renewal gift today but it was the same thing as I got last time - the 3 track vinyl. I now have 2 copies. How can I get my copy of the live in Berlin dvd instead.
  2. I had a ticket for RZ in one of the Belfast gigs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great view of Edge and Adam when he came over to our side. It wasn't too crowded either which was a bonus.
  3. Very sad news indeed. Really loved their music. She maybe gone (RIP) but the legend will always 'Linger'
  4. Looking forward to the gig. 2015 seems such a long time ago.
  5. go through U2.com for defo - much quicker and smoother imo
  6. Hi Matthiou, I was standing in front of you in that section MZG section. I did not realise Bono was looking for the flag at that time and thought he was pointing at me to come up on stage. The next thing your flag was passed over my shoulder and so my dream was dashed. But the French flag deserved to be onstage more than I did lol. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to N.Ireland and Belfast. Marty
  7. martymc

    Belfast 2 19/11/15

    Belfast 2 - 19/11/15
  8. The 1st time I have witnessed the band live indoors - Belfast2 was a brilliant night - best ever for me.
  9. 33908 still along way to go
  10. Dublin you don't realise what is going to hit you! Just hold your breath and enjoy it!
  11. My first time to see the band perform indoors and nothing comes close to what I experienced last night. It was unforgettable & unbelievable in equal amounts. The place was electric and what a 1st 4 song salvo. I was hoping for Electric Co, but knowing it was played the 1st night I knew it wouldn't happen again but I won't complain. Had a brilliant spot in the Southside MGZ and met a couple of very decent guys in there who made the waiting before the show started fly in. Best wishes to Frank from Glasgow and the English lad from Yorkshire ( I think) Cheers lad and stay safe.
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