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  1. Only half of eligible voters cast a vote in this election; of that, less than half voted for Trump. So in reality, 3/4 of eligible voters did not support Trump and presumably still do not. It is not fair to assume that the majority of the country got what they wanted this election--if they did, his approval rating would be higher than 36-something percent. Also, if so many were so sick of "whining" about the election, I don't think you'd have so many protesters marching (like the millions last weekend). You are assuming that the majority of the country hold your viewpoint, which clearly appears to not be the case, again, given the numbers. You are also assuming that all left wing media is false, which is also not the case--yes, just about all news has a slant, but if you look at the facts, "liberal" MSM tends to get it right far more than right wing news sources who tend to push factually incorrect information. If anything, it would seem that U2's performances reflected the majority of the country's feelings regarding Trump, so that's not exactly running with some sort of false narrative. That said, I don't really care how much or how little U2 rant about politics on the next tour. I don't care whose narrative it reflects or if it reflects one at all--if they want to speak out, that's their right as people. I don't come to the concerts to have my political opinion affirmed, I come to hear the music. As long as they're playing 20+ songs each night, I don't care what they say. And if people are so sensitive that they are offended by political talk from a band that has always been political, well then, they're probably better staying home. So if only 3/4 of eligible voters voted for Trump what does that say that Hillary still lost? Math works both ways. And you are way off base about reflecting the country's feelings. That entirely depends on where they are at the time. The numbers don't add up on that score. A relative few whining loudmouths don't represent the country. And there is no denying the media is a bunch of leftists. That is studied, measured and unequivocal. Fake news exists everywhere for sure but the main stream media leans way left. Dems have lost over 1000 elected positions since 2009. 35 of 50 Governors are republican. The majority of state houses are republican as is the house, the seat and the White House. Hard to argue the actual numbers vs your made up math there no? The anti-trump rhetoric is going to play well in CA, NJ, NY and DC but the rest of the country exists under a blood red sky.
  2. Not that I want to hash out politics here but I don't think they make a good point. Tens of millions of Americans don't think so either so it would be dicey to sh!t on hold their audience. I think they, like many, have been spoon fed a narrative by our left wing media that loved Hillary and loved Obama. To just run with the narrative is a cop out. Unfortunately they are believing every word of it. And all at arms length and only what the "news" decided to report, er, spin. I remain hopeful that the hysteria dies down because your southern neighbors are truly sick of the whining about the election.
  3. I hope you're right but this is what I'm afraid of:
  4. I agree. I just want to go relive the 87 concert. I just want to go enjoy the music that has been a soundtrack in my life since I was 11. I don't want to spend the whole time dreading the breaks between songs and what insults may come.
  5. I really really really don't want to listen to two hours go Trump bashing. I just bought my ticket this morning FFS and then I hear about this nonsense. I get that their roots are political. I get it. But they've transitioned to causes vs raging against the political machine. Bono's recent TED talk seemed to indicate a bit of a transition from queasy socialism to fully embracing capitalism as the answer to the problem of the truly poor. Maybe I was too hopeful to think he might have grown a bit conservative in his old age. They will have to understand that many of their fans are older and conservative and bashing Trump won't be welcome. I have no idea why artists during this election have decided to utterly write off 50% of their potential fan base with anti-trump diatribes. Makes no business sense to me. Even more disappointing is that seemingly intelligent people like the Edge and Bono have decided to believe everything they've read about Trump. Most of which is utter crap. I really really hope I don't have to walk out of a U2 show. That will make a me a sad white Christian american conservative male over 40. Maybe in a few month they'll see that Trump isn't making the KKK a new govt department.
  6. I was able to get one for DC. I have to say though, SOMEBODY PLEASE come up with a competitor to ticketmaster. My God they are awful. It's always a struggle and the scalpers end up with all the tickets or they make big blunders like they did for this event. I'm happy to be a ground floor investor!
  7. I didn't see a VIP Red zone
  8. GOT ONE RZ!!!!!! Yeah! Looks like the code is needed so TM fixed their snafu
  9. When looking at the situation in Europe it appears there are separate links specifically for red zone on their ticketmaster sites. From what I can see on all our US dates, there is only one link to the presale page and you would need the code to get any type of ticket. Here's hoping you're are right
  10. Is the RZ situation fixed yet? Resale opens on the East Coast here in less than 2 hours
  11. Seat map for the London gig, hope that helps! Thanks
  12. Any info on (RED) Zone? And ticketmaster doesn't seem to have the DC date available to look at yet.
  13. I did the RED zone twice during the 360 tour. I also did the VIP. I'll never sit in a seat again! RZ is fantastic. Right up front, no waiting, private concessions. Fantastic way to see the concert.
  14. Took me an hour and 12 minutes to complete my purchase. How is it that ticketmaster, after decades of selling tickets, can flub this so badly? I was coming unglued. Thankfully everyone had issues so there were tickets left by the time I got thru
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