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    too hard to pick, but Rattle and Hum is the album that converted me
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    WAAAAAY too hard to pick
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    Zoo TV / Zoomerang at the MCG in Melbourne (on my 17th birthday!)
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    U2 360° at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh
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    I've loved them all, but Vertigo Melbourne 2 was pretty special...right up until Edge said 'Thank you SYDNEY', lol
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    U2 wouldn't be U2 without all 4 of them
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    Elbow / The Script / Peter Gabriel / The Swell Season / The National / The Original Rudeboys / I'm sure there are others I'll think to add later...

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  1. ...and two more cards arrived today! BIG thank yous to; illumination70 - thanks for the recipe...I can't cook to save myself, but I've a friend who fancies himself as a bit of a MasterChef, so I think I'll challenge him to make some for me for St Paddy's Day. redandwhitepebble - thank you my love...I always look forward to seeing how you stage your U2 dolls for your cards, and is that your Zoo Name namesake I see in there too?!?
  2. Three more cards arrived! They actually arrived yesterday, but my internet was broken, so I had to to wait for it to get fixed before I could post these additional thank yous... lailaketo - Glædelig Jul, and hugs from Australia right back atcha! What are the chances that I would get 2 pieces of mail from Denmark yesterday?!? (the other was from Billund...given my avi picture, can you guess who from, haha!) TerriB. - love the super cheerful picture and matching sentiment on your card, thanks! U2FanInVT - was really lovely to be able to read a little bit about you and where you live...
  3. Figured I'd wait until after New Year's before posting my thank yous, as I seemed to get more cards after Xmas than before (the joys of living a bazillion miles away from most other people on the list)! So...a very BIG thank you to those who made the effort (and braved the international postage costs) to send your cards to this far flung corner of the world; Angela - love the 'Sparkling Candle' picture on your card, and the cute bear on your return address label too! BonosBeagle - I'm glad the tea I sent last year warmed you up during the cold and snowy weather! electricco - Meilleurs v
  4. Monica; my query referred to the discrepancy between the thread (a few days, as you pointed out), and the PM I received (a couple of weeks, which is significantly later than the end of the month mentioned in the thread). In the end, the list will take as long as it takes, and arrive when it does, but I was concerned that if it was to really be a couple of weeks, then I wont have time to get mine done and in the mail before Xmas.
  5. Zhivvy; Thanks for posting an update on how many people, but I'm hoping for some clarification on when we can expect the list to be emailed out, please? Your post says "Going to wait till the end of the month and then will sort out the list and email them all out to you as soon as possible after that", but I've now received a PM from you saying "Will be sending all out within the next couple of weeks". Did you really mean it will take that long to compile and send the list out?
  6. Just sent you my info...thanks for sorting it this year :-) Would you able to please post an update of how many people are already on the list, as I need to start placing orders a.s.a.p. for everything to arrive in time for me to then send them to everyone (postage takes ages from Aus)? Also, I don't mean to sound bossy, but it might be good to suggest that at the very least, people send a card to the next person on the list (after their own name), so that everyone gets at least one card. :-) Thanks again
  7. Nikaliptus


    Wow, it's been 3 months since I lodged my entry, and there's a sudden resurgence of people Tweeting and PMing me about my bracelets! Not sure how they're suddenly finding my picture (which was actually just a competition entry, never intended to advertise a product), but it's awesome to hear from people all over the world who like my bracelets and are asking if I sell them. No, I don't sell them (not even to cover my costs); it's simply a hobby and labour of love to connect with fellow U2 fans from around the world. I'd love to say 'yes' to every request to make one, but as I mentioned
  8. Nikaliptus


    Thanks for your kind comments on my FTGU entry. I hope it's acceptable to post a comment on my own entry, but I just thought I'd add a little background story... I've been making friendship bracelets for years, just experimenting with different colours and patterns, but never really making pictures or words in them, then when I joined the Zoo back in 2008, I signed up for the Xmas card exchange and wanted to make a little 'something' to include with my cards, so figured friendship bracelets would be the obvious choice as they are small and light for posting and can double as bookmarks
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