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  1. yup. dates were added about an hour into general onsale. No new sites - just add'l dates.
  2. even with two legs, there are a lot of cities left out. They did 5 nights for Vertigo in Chi (and the DVD) so I find it hard to believe they won't add. Next shows aren't till July 10 - two weeks away. Any educated guess about how they'll add shows? ones-ies and two-sies or in blocks?
  3. From atu2.com. They're usually spot-on: Other rumored dates and cities that U2place.com is reporting include: Los Angeles: eight concerts between May 26 and June 8 at the Staples Center. (Note: Our tips are slightly different. We've heard U2 will use the The Forum with shows on May 26, 27, 30 and 31. It's possible the band could use both venues, although scheduling around the LA Clippers expected playoff games might be tough at the Staples Center. We've also heard U2 may play at the Honda Center in Anaheim.) Montreal and Boston: four concerts in each city Chicago: six concerts at the United Center Toronto: at least one concert on July 6 at the Air Canada Centre (probably more than one show) New York City: eight concerts at the end of July Turin, Italy: beginning of the European tour in early September Sources on the above are primarily U2place.com, a Facebook page called U2niverse citing Live Nation, and emails we've received from readers/sources over the past couple weeks. Again, U2's reps have not confirmed or commented on any of the above. If the rumors are true, we'll have official details on Wednesday.
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