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  1. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Ahh, that would explain it... talk about playing w fire, in NYC no less, lollll
  2. ... WTF was she going on about?? The guy next to her had enough too, he grabbed the mike from her hand when he realised she was just going on & on & the crowd was getting 'kinda nasty loll.... but Bono always the gentleman recouped from the negative vibe
  3. In my experience, the stream is better in mobile than in desktop... so, perhaps it's a good idea to "run" to the phone when the meerkat stream starts... Thx for the input Max.... Thank God for Mixlr, out of the 3, Meerkat, Periscope & Mixlr I get better & longer feeds from Mixlr.... just saying
  4. I don't know Man, am I the only one, but Meerkat is starting to suck the Big One... I guess I'll try from my phone tomorrow
  5. if there's a feed and for some reason it doesn't show... reload it. it's very very common it drops, but reloading sometimes is the trick... 10-4 Good Budy .... p.s.- looks like they were having some techno difficulties though
  6. Thx Max.... but it was'nt online for many minutes, said broadcast ended "35 minutes ago"?!?!.... just saying Got the feed now.... weird...
  7. Hey everyone, I saw 2 of 4 MTL shows, both awesome, the band was totally into performing all 4, especially show 3 with the 40 some odd people up on stage for the last 2 songs & the fan playing guitar & singing Desire on the e stage. Derekmcallister2 I think you need to see some videos of the MTL shows, the videos from people on the floor/close up, especially the one's filming the e stage, to see that Bono & all the Boyz are having a great time & are really into it, that kind of performing can't be faked or ''going thru the motions'' .... I realize though too that it may have ta
  8. I attended 1 & 2, no wrist band GA waiting line, regular line-up, no ''coming back'' later.... the GA line-up is at the Windsor Court side entrance (East side of building), it is currently a construction site w fences up on each side with an outdoor carpet on the ground... you can see pix on the MTL show live threads. Unless you want to be right up against the stage railings, no need to line-up early, quite a bit of room to walk around on the GA floor by the e stage... i stage area gets crammed.
  9. Must not have been many, lasted about 20 minutes
  10. Hurry-up Folks, still some GA's left right now!!
  11. Hey Peter.... I don't think Bell Ctr/Evenko does the GA line-up wrist band thing like other cities/venues have done so far. Actually, if I recall correctly, I don't think it was all venues that have done that so far, don't think Vancouver or Denver (or maybe San Jose??) did those... then again I could be wrong. I think Evenko or Bell Ctr would have put out that info by now if that was a go, just checked, nothing on either web site... I think you're looking at the classic U2 Fans volontary line up, you know, the one were people arrive & do an orderly sequential number thing, with a # o
  12. Bajaaaaa... sad to see you go, Thx for all that time helping everyone in here, a true ''Veteran'', Happy Trails!!!
  13. Long story short, I have a spare GA for Friday to sell... i will be going in w the buyer, so no Ticketless CC worries etc etc PM me for details, Thx
  14. That isn't what dynamic pricing is, though. I encounter it most for Broadway shows in NYC. Some shows I thought would sell out, so I bought tickets when they first went onside for say $150. Months later, when the show finally happens, sometimes I might have been correct about the show and it is a huge seller and the seats around me went for $225 or $350 since the time I purchased mine. Sometimes, the person next to me showed up that day and got a rush ticket next to me for $30, since they barely sold any. Another time, I was given free tickets and sat next to someone who paid $150 (although I
  15. I may have the 1 GA available for Friday.... still deciding if I will offer it to a friend or sell it, a couple of them were'nt available for that night,,, 'gotta admit I have been waiting maybe a little too last minute, but it's GA, sooo... I guess you bagged the 100 level right in front of the screen?? You lucked out 'cause those were $305 tix a day ago .. I'd be pissed if I had $305 tix bought months ago & sit next to someone that paid 1/3 my price straight from the promoter-venue... but good on 'ya!!
  16. Hey Caven, so are you still looking for 1 GA for Friday??
  17. Yeah, put that way I see what you mean ... just curious, why would a scalper put pricing THAT far off the mark, 2360 Euros, I would understand 1000 Euros when the closest competition is 300-400 Euros for same level tickets... anyways.... surprising how some people will pump something way past necessary....
  18. Poptart, if you do indeed have GA, you do not pick-up your tix from the box office as Rachberg mentions.... these are ticketless tix, they scan the card at the entrance gate to/for the show & you must then go in immediately.... from what I have read throughout the forums, no one has been asked for ID while getting the card scanned at entrance, despite the "official" ticketless policy is that you are supposed to show ID with the credit card with matching names of course....
  19. Every Ticketmaster listing says "Prices subject to change" so that could go either way. Some prices go up if there is more demand and inventory is limited. Truthfully, you are probably always going to events where people paid different prices. Sometimes you paid less than them, sometimes you paid more. Subsequent MSG dates also had price reductions according to members on here. The only thing new here is that you're paying attention to this event. Dynamic pricing is nothing new. Hey Jeff, I know about dynamic pricing, but we're not talking here about seasonal sales for cars, tv's
  20. Many of the tickets listed on Stubhub etc don't actually exist. I learned from a tout that they will often list fictitious tickets at huge prices, in order to make ones that they do have and have listed at lower (but still inflated) prices seem more attractive. It's basic psychology. If you view a list of tickets at very high prices, many will believe that other people are buying at those prices, and therefore will perhaps settle for some tickets that don't seem quite so expensive, even if the are still actually very pricey in real terms. Sneaky buggers! Bungo, I sold my 2 spare
  21. I'm mostly interested in finding out if other venues have done this so far (a few to several hundred tix for sale this way a few days before showtime)... from what i have seen here on the forums, I don't think any other venue has done that so far. Anyone, anyone?
  22. Hi Jethro, see my post same time as your's + that's all fine & dandy, but I buy for $305 at onsale in December, show 1 + 2 show up as "sold out" for months, show 3+ 4 show only $305 ones available for months (in the meantime many people have bought some $305 days before today), then I see 5 days before the show I can get a couple/few hundred tix from the same "official" promoter/venue at 1/3 the price for the same sections/rows/seats as my $305 ones??? How does the venue justify that???
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