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  1. Wow, congratulations! I've been playing the lottery as well, but no luck yet. Have a great time! I hear it's an amazing show.
  2. Just wanted to add to this, hopefully to be helpful. TM most definitely did not so the right thing with the second Springsteen onsale. I got standby twice, and was never given a code. Meanwhile, there were people who got codes in both sales (I know some). If you got tickets in the first sale, you never should have been eligible again in the second sale. They handled it badly... Also, for any onsale, never use that TM “you can see your tickets, oops they are gone” page. That will always be gone by the time you go to buy them. I was using that on my iPad, and the regular “find the best seats for me” screen (but narrowing the selection to GA) on my laptop. I eventually got two single GAs on my laptop, and never got a GA to load ito buy on the iPad, after it said multiple times that they were available and I had selected them. In my experience those pick your seats screens only work if you are buying tickets for something that has already been on sale for a while. Hopefully that will help people in future onsales. The whole Verified Fan thing is a nightmare. I have always been able to get tickets in the past at onsales, but was never even got a chance/code by VF to buy Springsteen tickets in my hometown in a venue 2 miles from where I live. At least I have the option of the cancellation line, but for people coming from far away, that is not an option. It’s a shame that U2 used VF and a lottery for the fan club, and members didn’t get codes. And I agree that it was not clear when you bought the membership that it was a lottery to get a code, even as a fan club member.
  3. It said floor seating and then I unselected the Red Zone. Was able to buy 2 GA singles about 10 and 12 minutes into the sale (nothing at first). I really feel for everyone who did not get a code, as I got shut out of the Springsteen Broadway Verified fan sale and have been a big fan forever, and bought more tickets than I can count. I hate TM, and wish this sale had worked the old way where all fan club members got a shot. I hope everyone is able to get in during the public onsale.
  4. Wow, me too. Nothing until this, but thankfully the code just arrived.
  5. Still never received an email, and have checked all mail folders. So disappointed to be shut out after renewing early for this.
  6. Thank you. Will do. Have not had good luck with TM Verified presale comes in the past, so was not sure if somehow I would not get selected yet again, even as a subscriber.
  7. I’m in the Experience group, and no e-mail yet. Is it possible I won’t be able to participate in the presale, even though my setup said it was complete? Will not be happy if that is the case...
  8. Happy Birthday Bono! And many, many more. 30 years ago tonight, I saw U2 for the first time. It remains one of my most memorable concert experiences. He was a force of nature in that show, and I was knocked off my feet. Just incredible.
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