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  1. Looking forward to the show!!! I still have an extra tix for tonight... msg me if interested. Section LOGE8 Row 18 Seat 14 - $120. thanks
  2. hiya all So excited to see U2 again! I have one tix. for Friday - Section LOGE8, Row 18, Seat 14 - $120. I'll be at the show so I can meet with the tix. msg me if interested... thanks
  3. I have one ticket for 7/10 - LOGE8, Row 18, Seat 14 - paid $120 on TM. PM if interested. thanks
  4. aaawwwwww............ they cut it short! ok, I've been up for 22hrs. straight so I guess it's time to get some sleep! night all!
  5. sounds sooooo good! wish I was there... .....light my way.......
  6. I'm diggin' Larry... couldn't see much of him at Foxboro this week
  7. Moment of Surrender.... I'm in love with this song after hearing it live this week!
  8. woo-hoo! that was awesome.... I want to go to more 360 shows now!
  9. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking & sounding great!
  10. lucky boy.... is he still in awe of what happened to him?! I just watched the video on the home page, very cool!
  11. I don't really like SNL but I'm anxiously waiting for U2!!! Two shows in Boston this week wasn't enough for me!
  12. If you bought the tix call TM, you just need the order number and credit card info. My friend lost 2 of his for Boston. TM cancelled his order and re-issused new tix that he picked up the night of the show! good luck!
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