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  1. No kidding, U2 WTSHNN (what CD is it on, its been a long long time between tours and the radio is blasting our guys on every station, here in the Bay Areawhere the streets have names, maybe not attractive to big 80's bands featured on Rolling Stone?? hmm?
  2. This is a news reel of a movie about the White Sox team in the early 1900's that "took the money" (ha ha just like our own band right guys?) andit stars a bunch of very *cool* actors, please enjoy! the following from a southern city in the Great State of OHIO (where I lived in the 70s) hey i am sorry can you *cut and paste* the youtube vid i have to go back with too much EFFORT to locate the dam$$/ embed. i know you can just trycool//it'll all be fine by november.... tripping off to Kings Island....cheers!
  3. This youtube video is in response to the movie, starring Christian Slater, who I personally think is a very hot, sexy actor... like this collage, do you haveany thoughts you may want to share
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