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  1. For almost 10 years I have been listening to this guys covers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEpL4YSWig4pGhoQLy2S1g and he has vanished, left the face of the earth and he should be tracked down and put on stage to play along side edge as it would just sound awesome!!! Does anyone know how to find this guy?? He doesn't respond to messages so where is he?? These covers are incredible!!! U2 should know about this guy and get him on stage!!
  2. I can't really imagine any of them under the knife, but then again I don't know either of them so can't really make that assessment.
  3. Glad you can have a laugh, it is pretty much in jest anyhow
  4. There has been speculation in the tabloids that Bono has had some work done i.e a lower eye lift but personally I think he looks the same. However, nobody has mentioned The Edge. I think he has had a bit of work done, what do you think? It doesn't matter or bother me, just something I have noticed.
  5. It isn't a Joke, it is my opinion. The boys are simply slowing down and don't play with as much energy nor do they make music that has excitement to it. They are making music of 50 year olds and honestly who would expect anything less as they are in their 50's. I am 33 and enjoyed U2 up until NLOTH which is just a slow and very drab album. The 360 degree concerts started so drearily with space oditty and a series of slow arsed songs that it just didn't capture the imagination. U2 were saved by the light show of their stage this tour, I am a U2 fan but I can also be objective with them to
  6. Personally I think U2 have one more album to make or break them and from then on they will just be a touring band or end up doing gigs in Las Vegas forever more. Remember that U2 signed that massive deal with Live Nation for 300 odd million dollars over 12 years so there is no way they are going to split up.
  7. I must admit that I don't frequent www.u2.com in general anymore simply because I was pretty disappointed with No Line On The Horizon and the 360 degree tour. Please note these are reasons why I don't come here much anymore and I am not speaking for anyone else. I found No Line On The Horizon a pretty boring and bland album, the tone in my opinion was mellow and was an album you put your feet up and listen to and not tap your feet. The songs on their own are masterpieces but all together make for really monotonous album. I find myself listening to HTDAAB quite frequently these days and wis
  8. jrtm

    Bono's Voice

    Interesting, I think it was in Bono on Bono that I read he had had some Surgery in 1999 on his vocal cords and since that operation his voice has not been the same hence why he sounded terrific on ATYCLB but had a different vocal sound and range and probably not as crisp as we had heard him on previous albums.
  9. Just been watching a fair few clips from the 360 tour and Bono's voice at the beginning of the tour seems ok, not as good as the Vertigo tour. I know in the middle of the 360 tour Bono hurt his back so he got a bit of a break from singing but his voice seemingly got worse to the point where he almost seems as though he is wording songs and not even singing. I also heard a rumour he had taken up smoking again. Freddy Mercury had an issue with polyps on his vocal cords and it actually caused him pain hitting higher notes so he had to tone it down on stage (Not that I noticed) I just wonder if
  10. Is it me or is the guitar work at the end of Paradise a complete and utter rip of Edges work on Unknown Caller?? Coldplay really give me the shits, Anton Corbijn directing Coldplay Unstaged on Youtube, in the studio with Brian Eno. Not hard draw any parallels is it?
  11. I saw the trailer to this today and it looks like an absolutely brilliant film and very, very well done. I can't wait to see it as it looks very funny. I always appreciate humour particularly when it mocks a choice or a scenario that ultimately we know worked.
  12. Yes I saw this in the news today and all I could think of was the poor Hewson family. I am fairly certain that the Hewson family are a down to earth bunch of people and Bono isn’t a mega star in the home and is simply a Dad and Husband. Imagine Bono who is normally out and about who is now incapacitated and going to be stuck at home resting for several weeks. I have to conclude that there is going to be a murder in the Hewson household I.E Bono murdered in the next few weeks and suspect it will be one of the girl’s lol Perhaps Bono might want to read the book “How to rule the wor
  13. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    I have no idea if they are coming to Australia and frankly couldn't give a crap if I had to listen to the shite that is NLOTH. Admit this isn't the place to say anything contra about U2 but if you people all keep praising their shite they will just keep releasing it and keep taking your money for it.
  14. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    Oh sorry, you were being a smart arse. I should have spotted that. Well seeing I am a member of www.u2.com and hey have a forum Definition:- a public meeting or assembly for open discussion Seeing the majority here would buy a U2 album of Bono farting the back catalogue and who would probably lobby for that album to get a Grammy Award I thought I would add my 2 cents about the band being a sell out. I'm also pretty sure if the band thought they could make money off Bono farting the back catalogue they would release it and no doubt you would all buy it and rave about it's brill
  15. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    What the fuck does that mean? is that even english?
  16. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    [quote name='utwothefly wrote: jrtm']U2 are sell-outs which has made the band increasingly irrelevant. U2 are now the back catalogue band. bs They certainly are becoming a BS band.
  17. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    U2 are sell-outs which has made the band increasingly irrelevant. U2 are now the back catalogue band.
  18. jrtm

    U2 = Sell Outs

    When the focus becomes about the money and not the content then rest assured it is a sellout. The band are concerned about the bottom line these days.
  19. U2 have become the biggest sell outs. The only interest in fans that this band has is making money from us now. I used to think we got a fair deal, they deliver awesome music and we pay for it. Now the deal seems they dish up whatever crap they can find be it remixes or greatest hits of the greatest hits in a different order or the remasters which are just making them money off something that has alreadty been released and lets face it, the remasters just seem to be louder than tthe original releases. This band is on the biggest money grab of all time. What in flap is going on? When will t
  20. Happy Easter to all!
  21. [quote name='Kristaps wrote: jrtm']I still desire another Rock Album from U2, not this nacy boy National Geographic shite NLOTH rubbish. Power Cords all the way! It's not shite. No it wasn't shite that's why it was up there with their best selling and was walking off the shelves, had an endless loop on radio and clip after clip was on every music television station. I think it even won the award for best album in Ireland and at the Grammy's as well. Such an acclaimed piece of work was NLOTH! Oh and please don't start with the quips about how only true U2 fans are the only ones wh
  22. I still desire another Rock Album from U2, not this nacy boy National Geographic shite NLOTH rubbish. Power Cords all the way!
  23. Thats ok MacFoley, You like NLOTH and I thought that was the biggest load of drivel U2 have ever released.
  24. Artificial Horizon finally turned up in my letterbox yesterday (Wednesday) and it was about time as I thought I was going to be forgotten and not receive it. Looking at the outer sleeve I have to say I prefer the design of Artificial Horizon to NLOTH as it has more of a presence and just has that U2 air about it particularly with the silver/chrome reflecting away. The pictures of it on the website just don't seem to portray accurately what you actually hold in your hands. Inside there is an inner sleeve which has an unusual but U2 type of picture and you start to feel like the band is
  25. 40 to me is about begging to be heard and continually asking to be heard. When finally heard you doubt the validity of your reasons to speak out. Your self-consciousness gets the better of you so you seek approval by asking others to hear you. Running to stand is clearly someone battling with drug addiction. They know they need to stop but the want to have the drugs is greater than the need to stop.
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