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  1. Hi, was at the show in London on Sunday, the venue in Dublin is much smaller and much more intimate, any view is spectacular. The video wall is just unbelievable, anywhere in GA will be amazing, the band is so close that it wont matter where you stand. will need to be back a little to appreciate the images on the screen. They played Invisible from inside the screen and it was brilliant. After London I cannot ait for Dublin, it will be special....
  2. So, what do we actually get for MGZ tickets - I don't mind paying the money the band are worth every penny but if I have very restricted views I wont be overly pleased. I will see the show from GA in London later this month. I got MGZ for Dublin on the 28th.
  3. I just recieved my Uber Achtung...Christmas has come early it is amazing, so many memories flooding back. Well worth the expense
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