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  1. Exta Deluxe Edition: Seriously? Not Sure an extra £30 is worth it for a box and a newspaper. 

    Is the blue vinyl exclusive to the u2 store?

    1. Bruni93


      I had the same thought. I believe the vinyl is always blue, no matter where you buy it. At least they show the picture with the blue ones on amazon as well.

  2. I went A. Thought the split might be new material (innocence) vs classics (experience).
  3. Got to seats for the 3rd night at the O2, not cheap, but really good seats Row C in the middle right opposite the stage and Red area. (No email confirmation yet, but i download my receipt, so am not worried) Wonder what they'll be playing on the first night of the pair? I'm hoping new material is first night and classics the second. But who knows.
  4. And the email has arrived too:) I spoke a minutr too soon lol
  5. Just found mine in my account info on the website
  6. Nearly 2 hours to go and no pre sale code yet in the UK. Anyone got there's? Why did it have to be such a rush? Nothing on the tour one either (like it said)
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