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  1. Ski-J, There is nothing more frustrating than this. 30 seconds after 12PM, I had 2 GA's come up. I was pre-logged in to TM. Within 2 seconds, I got a message that the GA's had been purchased by someone else. Someone else? I thought I was being offered the tix. I didn't even get a countdown of time for how long I had to purchase. At the very least I could have been given the chance to confirm my purchase and sit in the "circle of death" before the system would bomb out. I'd have felt better if that was the case! Was I not using the right font? Do they discriminate against those that can copy and paste? I'm at a loss! ;-) Anyone want some vinyl?
  2. Typical. Had 2 GA's for Boston 2 locked up and went to pay and said someone grabbed them from me within the half second. I didn't realize I had to be faster than the Big Blue computer once I had been given the GA offer for 2 tix. ugh!
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