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  1. Thanks will keep a watch out for later in the year. Prices seem very high just how, but got plenty of time for hotel or Airbnb
  2. Hi Im travelling over to Copenhagen for the weekend of the gig and Im looking for affordable hotel or apartment for 3 people. Can anyone recommend anywhere, or advise the best time to look, as hotel prices seem very high just now
  3. Just got an email reply from The U2 store. Apparently stock has only just arrived with them and it'll be 14 business days before I receive my album. They are also not providing international tracking for orders
  4. Chatted with my friend who has confirmed that Bono sang The Fly live as he stayed inside the screen right in front of him
  5. getting ready to head off about 4. Im only 10 miles away but dont fancy getting soaked as its pouring with rain just now. Should hopefully get a good GA spot
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