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  1. I actually came to realize that I do love U2 more than I hate ticketmaster. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in early June. I have spent many hours listening to U2 with her over the 30+ years that I have been a fan. I was not mentally ready to see U2 in concert this time around so I gave my tickets as a gift to my cousin and her husband. I hope to see the boys when they return to NY - even if TM is still operating the same way. Karma moves in mysterious ways
  2. Really? Can you back this up with factual statistics? Sound like something Donald Trump would say There is quite a snob mentality amongst GA'ers this tour. I think what the OP experienced was a culture issue - seats vs. GA. Everyone has a story - it's not nice to judge others when you don't know their story. I am a seats fan - my time is valuable and I prefer to have a reserved spot for my viewing pleasure. Yes, U2 does have a casual fan base but just because I'm hard core, doesn't mean that anyone else's energy level around me is going to sway my experience. When I am at a U2 concert, its all about me and the band - me connecting with their performance. Peeps around me are not going to make or break the experience. I don't see how this can happen with GA - I think its the exact opposite, but reserved seats - unless someone is drunk and misbehaving, just take care of yourself and don't worry what others are doing. You paid a pretty penny to sit in that seat and if you want to stand throughout the whole show and scream and dance - that is your choice. Peace, love and U2
  3. How much are they selling the t-shirts for at the Garden?
  4. These tickets have been sold. Have a beautiful day!
  5. Yes, $280 was the face value I paid for section 115. Its hard to tell now on Ticketmaster, but when they were selling tickets originally it was easy to see where the premium seats were and where they were not.
  6. For those who still haven't found what they're looking for.... Sunday, July 26th Section 115, row 14 Face value + tm fees: 560.00 + 64.80 = $624.80 - they can be yours for a mere $500. paypal for payment I will cover overnight mail cost for shipment within the US.
  7. Section 115, row 14, seat 17 & 18 Face value + tm fees: 560.00 + 64.80 = $624.80 for both tickets (not selling singles) paypal for payment I will cover overnight mail cost for shipment within the US.
  8. Since a lot of scalpers have premium seats for sale, I assume that many of those evil doers are paid members on this site and got their grubby paws on the tickets through pre-sale. One never know what evil lurks inside these forum walls....
  9. I can't believe all the educated speculation here.....it is just speculation, ya know? it is what it is....it would have been nice to know the actual stage design before the tickets went on sale.
  10. It appears to legitimize an unregulated practice of selling tickets above face value, but whatever way you slice it - its still scalping. What bothers me is the "individuals" who were lucky enough to purchase prime seat locations (read: sarcasm) are looking to make a profit from other fans and ticketmaster says its okay as long as you pay them a piece of the pie.
  11. Am I the only one that is troubled by the amount of tickets available for resale through Ticketmaster.com? I have spent over $1K on 4 tickets to two shows. I got my first two tickets through the presale - Section 3 row 1 (MSG 7/19) and the second two tickets through the public sale - section 115, row 14 (MSG 7/26). I skipped the last tour since I much prefer to see U2 at indoor venues. I've been an avid fan of U2 since 1981. Now that I'm older and wiser, the reselling feature on Ticketmaster is really not sitting well with me. Ticketmaster always sucked, but this screams corruption. Is U2 live in concert worth kicking ethics to the curb? Should I even have to ponder this decision? If I do decide to sell my tickets at cost - I will certainly let this forum know first.
  12. Its been a while since I paid attention to ticketmaster.com, but are they allowing customers to scalp tickets where they are charging a second "service fee" and profiting from the mark up as well? What happened to the laws that regulated ticket reselling?
  13. They are selling 200 levels at the max price....MSG should have better pricing tiers.
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