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  1. Thanks Max.. I figured as much so I chose a low number in case as I imagine GA still has no seats
  2. Does anyone know if this has any meaning or is it like the US where the number is really meaningless ? Based on the seat map I could have had a much better 'Seat' but a higher number, just assuming there aren't really seats and the number doesn't mean much?
  3. I'd say I agree with Max but really depends on bank, card etc.. Mine showed up a couple of hours after charging it but I also called my credit card company in advance to say I'd have some foreign transactions from Australia. Just to be safe, I'd call your CC company they may have it on a hold waiting for you to confirm.
  4. Good info.. Thx. Hoping to make it to this one
  5. Just hoping by tomorrow morning to score a ticket then it's worth the drive but for those definite enjoy!
  6. I will be there for Dublin 3 & 4
  7. Those people are stupid.. However I like the dedication and since I am not a fan of the fan run GA number thing I hope those people all get right to the front or where ever they want to be
  8. I know we all wish they played different songs at times or left out a few of the staples.. Since they are supposedly doing a special set at the Apollo I was thinking tonight in Uniondale we could get a couple of rehearsal treats.. Whatcha think?
  9. I will be there I am doubtful on the Sirius thing since I believe the show is a WBAB show but who knows
  10. I totally hear ya!! Not truly upset but disappointed that it's on my B'day and tried every avenue. At the same time I saw opening night will see Nassau Saturday and the end of tour in Dublin but missing the special show right near home is a bummer... Such is life I guess
  11. And yes if anyone needs a +1 it would be a great b'day gift
  12. Anyone know when the U2.com winners are being announced?
  13. For those interested you can get GA tix right now
  14. Me too.. it's on my B'day. Already reached out to someone I know at Sirius who said no way he can get me in
  15. Only need a single but still holding out hope on a GA someone (a fan) offered me one for double but not paying that
  16. apparently the other day and I missed it.. damn work!!!
  17. didnt see those.. juat boarding my flight still hopeful for a GA.. See ya at one of these shows maybe
  18. I hope so.. I missed the release and hit up everyone here saying they had 1 but all gone
  19. Agreed no bad place.. just hoping to score a GA as I am flying in ticketless.. The gamble is real hahaha
  20. I totally agree but U2 along with some of my other favorites and most acts is they feel the HAVE TO play those "Hits" for the fans that are coming to see those songs. Now as a big music fan this annoys me because like yourself and many commenting here, we think the majority of tickets purchasers are like us and want to hear the variety but they, and most bands, are playing for the masses and the people who will pay $700+ for a pair of tickets to hear with or without you and sunday bloody sunday. The music business is a business and they want to make sure those people are happy because peo
  21. I can think of a bunch but Mysterious Ways and One would top my list for sure.. I could live without most of the ones named above but do enjoy the stadium crowds during Elevation and a couple others; they can skip most of what they did last tour and I'd be happy
  22. I found some of the responses in the thread interesting. Personally I don't believe in anything 'Fan Run' if it's not sanctioned by the venue then if a fellow fan(s) is going take it upon themselves to create a system I am going to take it upon myself to ignore it. Manohlive hit on this above and I have seen this type of thing more often then not. I don't mean that to sound like I'm being an A**hole if there is no 'system' created by the band/venue then a GA ticket is a GA ticket and I will get on a line, enter like anyone else and that's it. I gave up getting there super early because t
  23. There is a hilton or doubletree not far.. I am going to look into doing this show, hoping to find a GA ticket somehow and probably stay there but have in the past, definitely walk-able
  24. Well there are bands that go out and play shows for much less. Yes I understand U2 is huge, I understand it is all about business and not music, regardless of what most want to believe.. SO!!! Knowing the types of fans this band has had for decades and thinking about how many shows the average fan goes to and the fact that you are charging them 50 for membership in a 'fan club' that is really just early access to ticket allotments. WHY NOT just change the rules, we get it, you want more $$ so why not just say you can buy 2 tickets to, up to 3 shows (probably the average person here goes t
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