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  1. Nick, New York does not allow for CC entry so if you are getting physical (or E) tickets you should be good but of course like any ticket at any show there is some risk although Stubhub does provide some protection.
  2. Sorry, I don't meant to be a d**k but why would the band act on this? For everyone questioning platinum tickets, ticket packages or ANYTHING related to ticketing, merchandise, even the 'fan club' that we basically pay an extra 25 a ticket to be part of, if you aren't aware Live Nation/Ticketmaster basically own U2. Ok that is stretching it but you do get that when they signed their 10 or 12 year deal which, if I recall correctly, McGuinness negotiated, that is when EVERYTHING we bitch about changed, for the most part. Point is they have NO REASON to make a change because the p
  3. 100% agree.. last show hardly compared to the previous IMO..
  4. Anyone know if you get a free CD or Download with the shows in Europe like you did in the states?
  5. I think it just takes a while for them to show up in the system at least that's how it is in the US when it's a busy ticket selling day
  6. I am hoping for the 9th and 10th now that those were added.. However I might consider going in to Dublin, leaving and going back like I did with Belfast and Dublin last time
  7. They aren't.. and I have spent an hour trying to get them I have clicked more road signs multiple times then you can imagine cause apparently I am a robot but i have to put a presale code in before I get to the assnine clicking so I am a very intelligent robot but not smart enough to realize I am wasting my time with this band and their ticketing bs..
  8. I know it's not the mods ticketmaster just sucks the new BS codes and groups and more wasted $$ on a useless code so annoying plus calling customer service would be useless their answer would be no more tickets ugggghhhh good night
  9. Me too.. I think I am giving up on this and U2 kinda over it at nearly 5am
  10. Nice I had 2 but no I am just dishearten ya know why.. Cause I am not a fkn robot!!!
  11. I am losing hope and sleep.. I had them it wouldn't let me check out so aggravating
  12. F********KK!!!!! I had them and ticketmaster SUCKS!!!!!!! Now says none available
  13. F********KK!!!!! I had them and ticketmaster SUCKS!!!!!!! Now says none available
  14. It's ticketmaster.. they can't get out of their own way... Suck as always
  15. I thought it was at 9am today doesn't seem to be showing, am I the only one not seeing it live?
  16. Marcel, I has gone to Ireland a few times for U2 and plan on trying to go to both Dublin shows again this time; traveling from the US. As I posted elsewhere my thinking was to try for 2 GA tickets to each show with the idea being I could always trade 1 if I didn't get both shows. This is still my plan so if I end up with 2 to one or both shows I'd be open to swapping a ticket (if I get 1) or selling the extra to yourself or another fan to meet up and go in with
  17. And now the heat is on.... with ZERO US success can I pull off the trifecta and see the shows in Ireland.. Anyone only buying 1 GA that has an extra please keep me in mind, I will do the same as I am going to try and get 2 in hopes I can trade if I only get 1 show
  18. It was a 'bucket list' thing for me so I wend to see them in Dublin for 360 ended up at all 3 shows. Then went to Belfast and Dublin for I&E . The shows were at 3Arena in Dublin, great venue and I will try and return this tour. Looks like those dates will be in late September so I'd recommend only spending the couple of days in Dublin and turning it into a bigger Ireland trip. I've been 5 times and it's a great place to get outside the city and see the countryside plus September will be nice weather as opposed to the cold rainy November I&E shows.. Now the hard part, getting tickets
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