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  1. Thanks ...I think we're going to drive in to an Arlington station and park, then uber to the car afterward, assuming no rail service. I'm in Ashburn so at least that cuts the commute a bit.
  2. Does anyone know about what time they will leave the stage? The Metro stops running at 11pm on Sunday night and I am not sure if it's safe to use that as transportation since the show might go past 11...
  3. I am so bummed you could only use your code for two tickets. I bought two for a US show and really wanted to go to Dublin. I am so heartbroken because I had tickets last summer to the Joshua Tree tour in Dublin, but my house didn't sell in time for me to make it over there...it is a bucket list desire. With four shows, do you think there is any chance of me scoring a GA ticket for one of these dates? I've never tried for a European show outside of presale.
  4. I got an email saying 2 CDs had been shipped. While that's great and all, I wanted a digital download but have no information on it.
  5. I wish you much luck. Perhaps they will be releasing more and you can jump in at the right time? I know several others were having problems...
  6. I did, but as I have mentioned in a couple of other threads, it was kind of bumpy. At first I was using my phone because my laptop site didn't show presale available, even though it was 10am. I went over to my phone & searched, but was told no GA's were available. After trying 3 times, I went back to my laptop and somehow made it into the presale, where I entered my code, asked to search for GA Floor seats, and was presented with 2 for purchase. I am not sure why people had problems, not only w/ the DC show--but I'd encourage trying again unless you've used your access code.
  7. Bought for DC show. Using the link they texted on my phone produced no GA tickets, right at 10am. Using my laptop, the Ticketmaster site, and linking through u2.com/tours worked great, 2 GA tix popped right up. I did not have to register/pay through another site. It was Ticketmaster only, and hard copy.
  8. I had problems right at 10am finding GA tickets for DC, using my mobile phone. A few minutes later when I searched on my laptop, GA came right up.
  9. Yes, I was quite surprised it's not cc entry.
  10. Washington, DC General Admission was $76 per ticket. With taxes and venue fees, two tickets total was $206 and change.
  11. My TM link wasn't immediately working on my laptop, so at 10am I attempted to get GA tickets to Washington on my phone. Three times I was told, "None available." I then switched over to my Ticketmaster account on my laptop again, and my request for GA went through. Not sure why this was the case.
  12. Just purchased two GA for the Washington, DC show, and my only option was hard copy.
  13. I clicked the link sent in my text, and it doesn't work anymore. I should go through u2.com/tours, or the direct TM site?
  14. This is a huge bummer, in so many ways! Thanks for the input. It sounds risky...
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