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  1. thanks for the offer. holding out for a red zone ticket.
  2. Seeking 1 Red Zone ticket for Wednesday 6/28. PM me. Thanks.
  3. Please PM me if you are selling any. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Peterp311. Looking for at least 3 tickets.
  5. Thanks Mariann. Need at least 3, preferably 4, together. Thanks,
  6. Seeking 4 tickets for Wednesday 6/28. Open to any tickets, whether GA, Red Zone, or Seats. Thanks.
  7. Hi. I am looking for Red Zone tickets for NJ or Philadelphia. 2 or 4 tickets. Want to bring my wife and 2 kids (8 & 9 yrs old). Message me if you are selling any. Thanks!
  8. sorry Mod if i sounded like a jerk. huge longtime fan who got frustrated with trying to buy tix off people on craigslist. Still looking for tickets for tonight!
  9. Will pay face value plus any seller fees (ie..paypal). Will pay cash or paypal. Or both. Seller's preference. Message me.
  10. Serious buyer. Lifelong fan. Seeking 1 or 2 U2 tix for LA Forum on 6/3. A lot of bullshit buyers and sellers. I am only looking to deal with sellers who are ready to sell tickets to a buyer who is dead serious about buying them. You have tickets I want to buy, I will pay you cash in person or paypal you the monies in advance ASAP. I am fine with meeting buyers with credit card entry tickets or will call tickets. Here are my demands requests. I want 1 or 2 floor/ general admission tickets. Red zone welcome too. As well as 100 level that are near the B stage. I will only pay face value plus any
  11. still seeking 2 for tomorrow night June 3rd! message me back here or email me at jbmurray29-u2@yahoo.com . I can paypal you the money and meet you at the show if they are credit card or will call tickets. Really want to go. Thanks!
  12. Looking for 2 tickets. True fans in need! Please message me if you can help. Thanks!!
  13. Seeking 2 GA Floor tickets for June 3rd!
  14. Hi. I would like to purchase 2 Red Zone tickets for MSG for 7/26 or 7/27. Can anyone with eXPERIENCE pre-sale codes tell me if there are still tickets available? I would need to buy a u2.com subscription for $50, so just wondering if it will be worth it. I believe at 12pm EST today anyone with iNNOCENCE pre=sale codes can purchase tickets, so I need to act on this quickly. Thanks!
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