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  1. It was 1986 and I had just turned 16. After U2 my 2 favourite bands were Simple Minds and Simply Red. Then the neighbour's son (who was a few years older and I really looked up to) did me a huge favor and asked if I wanted to come to the Simple Minds concert in the Amsterdamse Bos. This is a park in the city of Amsterdam and a unique venue (unfortunately no longer used as a concert venue). He then went on to tell me the opening acts were ten ten and Simply Red. I hadn't heard of ten ten but to have Simpy Red open up for Simple Minds was just insane. The venue was amazing, in the woods in a very large park, it felt like you were in the middle of nature, what a location for a concert! It started drizzling as Simoky Red was playing but Mick did not care and they put on a great show. As good as Simply Red were Simple Minds were just amazing and they put on a show that was so good we forgot about the rain and we celebrated the rain as part of the show and everybody was dancing and singing along. That day I really got hooked on music and I have seen Simple Minds a few times since then and they never fail to deliver. My favorite band may be U2 and I have seen them a few times live (the best show for me was in the golden circle in Paris in the Stade de France) but this show in the open air with Simply Red and Simple Minds really changed my life and how music has become the soundtrack of my life. I saved the ticket of the show, I guess that shows how important the concert was to me. I will never forget it and I will always be thankful for the neighbor's kid for taking me to see the show! #unforgettablegig
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