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  1. Skyscanner is good too
  2. You can book up to October now so I woould think that maybe next month November ones would be released? Aer Lingus ones are available now
  3. Was still 2 tickets max on the Live Nation pre-sale They did offer 2 in the same block for Manchester as I'd already bought so thought at least as a 4 we'd be close but by the time I'd double checked they had gone!
  4. Onto Live nation presale tomorrow but not holding much hope of decent ones as the tickets offered today on O2 were pretty poor.
  5. Well tried to get 4 tickets for Manchester on O2 presale and although it said 4 tickets were allowed on the drop down option for seats only 2 available so not best pleased :-(
  6. 2 Tickets sorted via album presale for Manchester- went pretty slick and got pretty good seats in the price range I want. Onto seeing if I can get 4 decent ones in O2 presale so can go as family rather than in 2 pairs
  7. Yes I did with the code too. I remember a few years back trying to get some Glastonbury tickets through my phone as I was out and about and creating some shortcuts so that when I entered certain things it filled in my registration details, address, etc. quicker.
  8. True but as I need 4 tickets it's unfortunately only way I can do it. My other option is to use either O2 priority or Live Nation pre-sale to get 4 together and see whether my mate wants the 2 I have secured today.
  9. Got there in the end for Manchester- up on 2nd tier as didn't want to pay £100+ Had a bit of mild panic as didn't want the tier 1 £79 tickets so went back and it said code invalid but thankfully managed to work round it. My friend tried for GA but like others got nothing so went with seating Now to try and get another 2 with the album pre-sale!
  10. Does anybody know what the prices are for Manchester in relation to the seating sections i.e. upper/lower tier behind stage etc.
  11. Or put your card number in a word document and cut and paste?
  12. Yes- was definitely 9am tomorrow earlier- as I was thinking about doing it as they were offering ability to get 4 tickets (which I need to go as a family) as opposed to 2. But will stick with plan a of getting 2 in innocence pre-sale and 2 in album pre-sale
  13. Anyone know the prices for seats in Manchester as aiming to take kids so can't do GA
  14. This is what it shows on TM site for Manchester
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