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  1. Hey U2 friends. I was selected for the Desire show! I got an email that says: Your Desire show’s first airing is expected to air on Tuesday 12/15, either at 7am ET or 12pm ET. I’ll try to confirm the time with you tomorrow. Your show will also play throughout the week, and be available on the SiriusXM app. So excited. How did yall share this news with friends?
  2. Love the CB! Was even better before Periscope shut him out from broadcasting others periscopes.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/U2JT30DFW/
  4. There is a facebook group JT 2017 Dallas that has much more details on the GA line. Special note that there have been multuple confirms that the line at 6 am only needs to be the card holder. They will hand out cue cards with your number in line AND the numberof persons in your party. Example I may get number 50 in line and I have 4 tix on my card. Only I need to show up with my card at 6 am. Hope this helps. See you on the rail!
  5. Damn Latha! you got a good deal with Kyak. We are staying at the Drury near the airport....and we are also flying in from Dallas. So I'll see y'all there!
  6. So excited! FTR and I will be there....flying in from Dallas. What's up!!!
  7. I have to post after Allegra just because she is awesome.
  8. It's probably too late, but I did send our details just in case we could make the cut. If not..I totally understand. Merry Christmas y'all! TG
  9. Well, I guess U2 does more than make music, They were the reason these two little precious angels were born. I will forever be in debted to the band for making it all happen for me. I am the luckiest girl on earth!!!
  10. My first U2 baby - Zoey - 22 months here...
  11. My most recent addition 9/3/2009....Josephine Emma Grace...
  12. Opps, I forgot. Since I am hardly on here...if you want to find me on facebook: facebook.com/TexasGirlU2
  13. I am sorry I haven't been on here in a very long time. I miss all of you! Thought I would let ya'll know that TexasGirl (that's me) andF**kTheRevolution (FTR) are excited about welcoming our new baby girl due in September. Bad timing for me as our tickets to see U2 at the new Dallas CowboysStadium will be about 1 month after new baby arrives...but I am still going! For those of you keeping up, that's baby no 2 for us. All thanks toZootopia where we met! Peace, Love & Tacos from Texas...... TG
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