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  1. If you will be in the NYC area on Saturday, June 30 (the night between Newark and the MSG July 1 show) there is a GREAT young band called FREAK MYTHOLOGY playing at the famous Arlene's Grocery. Arlene's is a legendary bar that has launched many a great band over the years.... and the location is great for an all night hang.... it's in the Lower East Side, lots of great clubs within a block or two, and real close to the Village. FREAK MYTHOLOGY goes on at 8pm (prompt!) Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a fun night out before Sunday's show! http://freakmythology.
  2. I was reminded that today is the 50th anniversary of MLK's assassination. I found this amazing cover, performed just a few weeks ago by a university choir. Goosebump inducing stuff. Someone should forward to the band, so they might lay their compliments on the choir. Enjoy
  3. My son Brad has a fantastic band called Freak Mythology. Their first album was released in the Spring to rave reviews, and since then momentum is building.... one of their songs has been featured in a French film, they just got signed to record a new EP, and their amazing gigs keep getting bigger, as they start playing festivals, etc. My son is Brad, he plays guitar, sings, and writes most of the material, and you can hear some Edge influence in both his and the lead guitarist's playing. They will be playing a "live in studio" webcast tomorrow night on Facebook. Friday, Sept 15, 9pm ET
  4. Hello, I just managed to get off work, now I desperately need two decent seats to the July 2 show! Anyone have extras??? View is important, as I'm traveling with my 12 yearold son who LOVES U2. He was on the rail for Pittsburgh 360 (his first show), and was blown away. He is a musical savant (piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass), and idolizes the Edge. We'll be driving in from Cincinnati for the show, so could meet you for physical tickets, although would prefer to have them in hand prior if possible (email, etc.). Please let us know ASAP! THANK YOU!
  5. Hello! I just found out I will be in the Bay Area on May 18 and 19, and obviously now must attend at least one of the shows (was already planning to hit Chicago, as part of a 3 day run that goes TH-U2, FRI - Grateful Dead, SAT - Rolling Stones (in Indy)). Anyway, huge fan, caught them all over the US and in Dublin on 360, first saw them on the Unforgettable Fire tour.... PLEASE help me out with a spare to San Jose if you have one! Happy to pay face, obviously! mod edit : please use PM feature, email removed THANK YOU!!!
  6. Here I was thinking Glastonbury was in the UK.... Did any other venues get 3 nights, like Dublin? And wasn't there a bunch of fuss and hassles in Dublin about the noise, and the stage construction keeping the neighborhood up all night... and then anti-U2 protests that blocked the tour trucks from getting the stage to port for transport out of Ireland on time? And I was in Dublin for the stand, and the local press was full of anti-U2 (and especially anti-Bono) stories, calling him "wee Bono", one story begging Edge to punch Bono in the face again but this time on camera, others sayin
  7. Damn, Mick. That's pretty cold. I'd point out to you that most people who are junkies are self-medicating deeper, more profound psychological issues. Amy had issues since at least her teen years, maybe earlier. Seems to me the tragedy here is that whatever her underlying problem was was never properly treated (as usual). Rehab tends to treat addiction as the fundamental problem, rather than a symptom... probably why the success rate is middlin' She had an amazing voice, and she was soulful in a way that I'm thinking Bono would be in awe of. Tribute seems fitting, IMO. Heart and sou
  8. My advice re: the floor is if you don't put in the time to get there early, don't even think about trying to shimmy into the thick of the crowd to get a better position towards the front. Those that have been there all day will get defensive of their turf (rightfully so), especially as show time approaches a flood of bozos start trying to weasel their ways to the front. Elbows tend to go up, etc. On the flip side of that coin, if you put in the time to get a sweet spot on the rail, you better have a good plan to get back if you have to go pee, etc. Last show I was at there were 5 of u
  9. I was surprised by the Nashville announcement. Even though there appear to be some gaps in the schedule I thought the Pittsburgh date was supposed to be the last of them. Are there any other US cities rumored to be added for next summer? And by rumored I mean pretty widespread rumors, decent logic/source behind it, etc. Have been swamped and out of touch with the rumor mill...
  10. Wow.... I talked to a girl named Jessica, if that helps maybe you could ask for her. She had to put me on hold to check on something, but when she came back she had a code for me. Luckily it worked..... I got 4 field tickets at 10:15 GOOD LUCK! btw, this is the number I called.... I think I saw a different one posted elsewhere, but this is the one that worked for me 1-800-615-1324 I agree completely that you should get a refund if you didn't get a code in time. That's part of the agreement, and if they don't deliver it seems to me that would constitute a breach o
  11. Folks... call the cust service number! I still had no code this morning, I called and politely told them I was about to come unglued, and they provided me a new code over the phone. (hopefully it'll work..... but for now I have hope....)
  12. I just spoke w/the customer support folks, and they said the codes are being generated right now and should be in our mailboxes w/in the next few hours. Good luck!
  13. Same thing here.... right down to the shows (Dublin was great, no?). Making me very nervous that I don't have my presale code yet and presale starts tomorrow. Could somebody please reply??? Email to support has not been answered..... person on the customer service phone service said the code would be generated w/in 24 hours.... it's been more than 24 hours.... still no presale code!HELP!!!
  14. Hello, I renewed my subscription today, but I'm not seeing a new presale code, which I REALLY need for the new Pittsburgh date! It still shows me as a Breathe member, I had a subscription in 2009, only used 2 of the 4 presale tickets from that code for Dublin. When I renewed today the presale code is blank, but below it says I already used the code (?!?!) I have logged back in from a different computer, so this is not a cookie issue. Please help ASAP... need those Pittsburgh tickets!
  15. I'd been hoping that U2 would headline a night at Bonnaroo next year.... their schedule allows for them to headline either Friday or Sunday night. I was thinking it might be a little tight, with the surrounding gigs being west coast.... but now that they've announced Glastonbury it seems like a no-brainer. If they can jump over to the UK for a show on the 25th between a Canadian show on the 23rd and MN on the 27th, a quick hop over to TN between California and Denver dates seems pretty easy (Bonnaroo is June 10-13). Anyone heard any rumblings of a Bonnaroo date? Also, the curren
  16. In no particular order, as my reasoning and priorities could change from day to day.... Rolling Stones Grateful Dead The Clash U2 Talking Heads Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Pixies The Pogues maybe Radiohead, we'll see...
  17. In celebration of our trip next week to Ireland, culminating in our show Friday night @ The Cellar and then catching U2 Sat @ Croke, we've decided to offerup free downloads of our album for the next week. Grab 'em while they last at our website http://www.voodooloons.com/Euphobia.zip One zip of the whole album, 192k mp3 Enjoy!
  18. Hey there, We'll be hitting the Saturday night show... have great seats, wife's first show, can't wait! If you'll be in Dublin but not hitting the Friday show, here's a shameless plug for a gig that night in Temple Bar: I'm the singer/guitarist for a band called Voodoo Loons... 2/3 Irishmen currently working out of the states. I'll be playing a solo/acoustic show atthe Cellar @ Peadar Kearney's (formerly Rogue... 64 Dame Street).... promoting our current album as well as the forthcoming one that we're currentlyrecording. A great Dublin band called The Long Knives will be opening.
  19. Go Crazy is my least favorite track on the album. Don't care for it at all, really. I'm surprised White As Snow doesn't get more attention. Gorgeous song. Really bummed it's not in the setlist so far.
  20. Is this a joke? No word of U2 playing on the Coachella site
  21. Hey, being this area is open to content "outside of U2", I thought I'd plug my own band, Voodoo Loons. I'm from Donegal, drummer is from Clare, and the bassist is from Boston. We put an album out last yearthat you can check out on our website via stream (and hopefully then buy... we'rea grass roots organization).... and if you should happen to be in Dublin for the U2 stand (I'm going Saturday) we're currently putting some showstogether... so get on our mailing list and keep in touch for details. One more thing... we're often featured on Celtic Crush on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio in the U
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