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  1. Email and code sent through this morning but no Toronto or Detroit leg for the tour....
  2. The two ticket maximum is not a reasonable number for Experience members. The minimum should be four and the opportunity to use codes for multiple legs. Especially now that the band, live nation and tickemaster are doing their best to eliminate the bots and scalpers.
  3. Went away to come back to it all gone....

    1. Anjana


      it's quite good fun once you get going in here, works better than the last site especially the profile page/settings, much easier to use:)

  4. Many of us poor schlubs sitting here with CD players and no Medium Rare CD to play them in
  5. I'm not one for quoting anything so I'm probably getting this wrong in some way... but somewhere along the way Bonosaid that he wanted to inspire. I'm living, breathing proof of that....2005 Vertigo listening to Streets and watching the light curtain blaze all the flags of Africa...2006 sleeping on aconcrete floor in a catholic mission in Sudan...that's inspiration into practice. Love the music, affect change and be good to one another Love you all.
  6. That was a great show and I loved how they mixed music into the fabric of the drama. Must say that I was disappointed in theending when Thrace was just 'gone'. It seemed somewhat of a cop out. I also find it hard to consider the idea of completely disregarding all aspects oftechnology but that was the ending they went with.
  7. Top of the list...can't be denied Zoo Station. here's a few more Until the End of the World (get a live track on that, unbelievable drums) Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me Gloria Dirty Day Do you Feel Loved Gone (Greatest hits version) I Will Follow Refugee Electrical Storm (W.O. mix) Just had a gander at the Metallica GH....it looks amazing. U2 should be the next band to get their own!!
  8. caven36 wrote: I just have to put it out there for all the longtime u2 fans. The question is this, what really turned you on to u2? was it boy? october? for me War grabbed me by the collar and dragged me in. I must say that without war i probably would not have bought boy or october (i was 15 when war came out) and also, without war i don't know if i would have bought the unforgettable fire. War is what really turned me on to u2 and i was infact quite taken back initially by the unforgettable fire (of course it has grown on me like a weed ) Just wondering for the longtime fans, when was
  9. How many Boots didn't think that there might be a second show and save those lousy seats on Wednesday for fair weatherfliers or corporates who expense the $250's to impress and influence...there's another shot tomorrow to get what you want for the Thursday.
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