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  1. Email and code sent through this morning but no Toronto or Detroit leg for the tour....
  2. The two ticket maximum is not a reasonable number for Experience members. The minimum should be four and the opportunity to use codes for multiple legs. Especially now that the band, live nation and tickemaster are doing their best to eliminate the bots and scalpers.
  3. It's too bad there's no chance to open up for the members to buy again. I understand that rules are rules but when additional dates are added, why not give the opportunity to the fans and not the touts/scalpers? We all know how the chips are stacked against the true fans when it comes to online-general sales.
  4. To add to this thread, you also have to consider the season ticket holders for the Blue Jays. They all get first right of refusal for their seats...so many of those tickets may be sold off for a quick buck to recoup the cost of season's tickets. I'm sure many ticket holder's supplement their annual fees by scalping tickets to events at the Rogers Centre.
  5. If anyone was left with an extra in the flurry of it all this week please let me know. Need as many as three but will take a single for the Toronto show.
  6. Very annoying! Over 1400 resale tickets on Stubhub for Toronto and that's as the general sale was starting. I bet that number quadruples by the afternoon
  7. I was able to get tickets through Red Hill presale and two additional in general for Toronto. Many friends were shut out as the venue sold out quickly. Any news on additional dates?
  8. I have done RZ twice for stadium shows....agree with the other postings about the arena shows...the vicinity marked off for RZ wasn't much of an advantage. I would say the fixed pricing of $350 vs $87 for the GA's is my determining factor. The last two RZ's I purchased cost me $180 and $220. so jumping up that much when I like to see multiple shows isn't in the cards. I will say if you want a more relaxed environment then the RZ is a good option.
  9. Keep trying. Was able to quickly secure red zone for Toronto with Red Hill presale code - definitely needed the code ! Very smooth - under two minutes from start to finish. $350 / ticket with the surcharges. Good luck ! I ended up playing it safe with GA's....I've done RZ twice at Rogers Centre....a nice spot to watch but triple the price of GA's is steep!!!
  10. Wasn't able to access redzone with presale codes this AM in Canada for the Toronto show...
  11. 57pogues

    Empty Seats

    Attended Toronto 1&2 this week and was quite dismayed by the empty seats on night 2 and the relatively small GA crowds for both nights. Especially frustrating being stuck with 300 level seats the second show due to the pre-sale purchase policy (covered at length in many other threads). Anyway, my wife and I had amazing seats for show 1 and had to settle for the 300 level with our daughters the second night (purchasing 4 tickets in general sale was a nightmare). Before the show started on night two I couldn't help but notice the 300 level seating was filled well before 8pm but large sections of the lower bowls (gold and platnum seating for those familiar with the ACC seating) were empty. Even as the show kicked in there were seats that never filled. The GA's were noticeably thin for both shows. I've been going to shows since 1992 and the GA's appeared half full in comparison to other arena tours. U2 put on back to back stellar performances but I am left wondering days later if any other venues are experiencing the same??
  12. You can manuever to the edge of the crowd for GA's ....planning on getting GA's for the second show with my kids but they are a little older and both taller for girls (6'0 and 5'8)
  13. Red Zone was great for stadium (did it three time) not sure of the benefit for arenas though? At three times GA price and right around the same price for lower bowl tickets I don't see the benefit beyond a little preferential treatment before the show...and of course the donation to the RED campaign
  14. Try to call....the have operators that can help you. If your area server isn't as efficient then you'll continue to spin your wheels....imagine the game Frogger.....but much faster
  15. Well done! I'm in the INNOCENCE group, so crossing my fingers for tomorrow. What was your price for the section 104 seats? section 120...similiar to 104 was $603.00. Going for GA's on Monday....hopefully will get four
  16. I don't think Redzone are worth the price....in the stadium show for sure but in the arena...seems like so much!!!
  17. It's confusing how the layout will be with that centre stage....no west end configuration so where will the focus be on stage?
  18. Maybe your connection to the inter-web might be inhibiting you?
  19. Got tickets for Toronto....smooth sailing
  20. Great way to start the day with my code....anxiety abated
  21. Stop yer guerning. lol I've read words like 'shame' and 'disgusting' on this thread.....we're talking about pre-sale to a concert everyone. Let's get perspective...it's going to be so fun and we'll all get tickets!!!
  22. I'm not complaining about the process at all considering the debacle that was the pre-sale for Foo Fighters in North America this week...I just think it sucks that the industry has not been able to 'overcome' the scalper economy. It totally ruins the process and is made worse by the on-line sales. At least back in the day scalpers had to put shoes in the line and purchase tickets like anyone else. Now they can "bot the hell" out of online sales and overwhelm connections. I'm looking forward to the pre-sale tomorrow and purchasing two great seats and I'm looking forward to the public sale to get more for family so we can all enjoy the fun. I will say there is some anxiety that the presale starts in 14 hours and I don't have the code
  23. I believe it's "2 tickets" total per membership presale code, meaning you can buy 2 tickets for one show, or you can buy 1 ticket for one show and 1 ticket for another show. When the general public on sale starts, its a total of 4 tickets on the first day, 8 tickets after that but more than likely the shows will sell out in day or less anyways. not from what i had read and even is listed on the q&A here and as well on ticketmaster .com, two per show up to two shows I must be reading it different cause I see it as one show two ticket max...or one ticket....two shows
  24. Fairly certain you can buy 1 for one date and 1 for another....that's how I read it
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