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  1. HI U2 fans, I am looking for 1 ticket for U2's concert in Sao Paulo at thursday oktober 19th 2017. I am willing to pay or can swop for either Amsterdam or Brussels tickets Cheers, Pieter Hofstee
  2. Hi There, A friend of mine has a spare Wheelchair-ticket for Antwerp1 (13-10) and she'd really love to swop this one for a wheelchair ticket for the Antwerp2 (14-10) show. If you have a ticket for her, please contact me. When you have a wheelchair ticket for sale for 14-10 please let me know too. If we cannot arrange a trade, the ticket will be for sale. So if interested feel free to contact me Cheers, Pieter Hofstee Balk, The Netherlands
  3. I have 1x GA for Cologne1 and 1x Cologne2 aswell available for this trade.
  4. HI everyone, I am looking for a trade to get (atleast) 1 ticket for show 2 and show 4 in Dublin. I'll take any available ticket, prefer to be seated. Extra costs will be payed. I can swop against: 2x Dublin1 GA 1x Dublin3 Seat 1x London5 Seat or GA 1x Antwerp1 GA Many Thanks to everyone who can help me making my U2 Tour end in Dublin
  5. I have a spare Seat for nov 27th. Can be swopped against any ticket on 28th Grtns, Pieter Hofstee The Netherlands
  6. Hi there, Did you already find someone to do a swap with? Otherwise I would be pleased to help. I have spare ticket for night1 in Antwerp. GA, Hardcopy Many Thanks for your answer. Cheers, Pieter Hofstee
  7. Hi everyone, Who is able and willing to trade with me my extra GA for another night. Preferably Dublin2 and I am also interested in Dublin4. Thanks Cheers, Pieter Hofstee The Netherlands
  8. Hi, I am chearching 1 ticket fr U2's show on the 20th of September 2015 at the Globen. I either can buy your spare ticket or we swop for my extra seat (c27) at the 21st of September. Many thanks for your reply Pieter Hofstee Balk, The Netherlands
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