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  1. This is super helpful. Thank you friends! I remember the wristband/GA process being very well run for I+E so I was optimistic that they would continue that same policy. Looking forward to a great show. Also...reeeeeally hope the bring back Wild Horses!!! Cheers guys.
  2. Anyone have info on the GA process for Boston? for I+E it was pretty easy. Got a wristband earlier that morning and lined up according to the number on the wristband. Is it the same this tour?
  3. For all of the U2 fans in the Greater Boston area, today is a very sad day. In 1980, a young punk-rock disk jockey got an import of '11 Oclock TickTock' and played it over the air for a handful of audiophiles. For a town with a burgeoning punk scene, it caught on like wildfire. The song had asignificant Clash influence with a distinct Irish twist. Based on the success of this single in Boston, the unknown Irish band came to America. They werebooked to open up for a more well known glam-band in at local Boston music club. The energetic Irish band stole the show and the rest is history. The punk
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