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  1. This is super helpful. Thank you friends! I remember the wristband/GA process being very well run for I+E so I was optimistic that they would continue that same policy. Looking forward to a great show. Also...reeeeeally hope the bring back Wild Horses!!! Cheers guys.
  2. Anyone have info on the GA process for Boston? for I+E it was pretty easy. Got a wristband earlier that morning and lined up according to the number on the wristband. Is it the same this tour?
  3. Hey fellow U2-ers, Im a long time fan & subscriber since the old Propaganda days. I got shut out for GA tix for Boston. I found a site that is selling GAs for a reasonable price and want to know if anyone has any experience (pardon the pun) with this reseller. I know the whole credit card set up for GAs on this tour, so I want to know if I should trust GAs purchased from Vivid Seats: http://www.vividseats.com/ Let me know, Thanks all! -Jon
  4. For all of the U2 fans in the Greater Boston area, today is a very sad day. In 1980, a young punk-rock disk jockey got an import of '11 Oclock TickTock' and played it over the air for a handful of audiophiles. For a town with a burgeoning punk scene, it caught on like wildfire. The song had asignificant Clash influence with a distinct Irish twist. Based on the success of this single in Boston, the unknown Irish band came to America. They werebooked to open up for a more well known glam-band in at local Boston music club. The energetic Irish band stole the show and the rest is history. The punk
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