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  1. What!!!! Aw no that’s terrible news 😞 Sabine was a legend
  2. Absolutely, those fights were outstanding
  3. First Murray and now this. Former undisputed middleweight world champion 'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler passed away unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 66. Rest in Peace Champ
  4. Damon Hills tribute on his Instagram is 😢
  5. I heard about this earlier and I’m gutted, my mum introduced me to formula one at an early age and Murray’s commentary was amazing. I always remember the time Nigel Mansell had the huge bump on his head and Murray poked it 😂 Rest In Peace Murray
  6. It’s February 2nd It’s ALWAYS  February 2nd AND THERES NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!

    I hope all groundhogs enjoy their special day 😉

    1. Manohlive


      Fight back....don't ya know Phil...you gotta bite back.

  7. Well we’re almost through that tough year of January 😉

  8. Merry Christmas to all the Zootops 

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    2. seresere


      Beautiful! I got a golden too :)

    3. ELMARTO


      What is your Goldens name?

    4. seresere


      We call him Buck! :)^_^

  9. The true pioneer of the peace on this Island.
  10. Congratulations to you all
  11. I just tried to watch "I'll be me" and I only got 5 mins in ? He was a brilliant musician and will be greatly missed. Thanks for posting illumination
  12. I visit the zoo everyday but in the last year I haven't posted as much as I used to due to us losing my mum (Molly), but as yesterday was the first anniversary of her passing and today we found this mysteriously placed on our doorstep I knew where I was going to post it. Along with my family the zoo is the good thing that happens to me every single day, it's my little escape from everything you guys are just friends I haven't met yet. So Anj, Malahide, Alma, Pain, Frankaz, Moanya and anyone who I haven't mentioned bear with me I'll be back soon I promise. Elmarto
  13. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of today's attack in London and also their families. R.I.P.

  14. Happy New Year everyone

    1. Anjana


      Happy new year Marty x


    2. Malahide


      Happy new year!

  15. Hey zootops Merry Christmas and thanks for everything this year

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    2. Malahide


      Merry Christmas!

    3. inter1


      Have a Great One El Marto

    4. pain_18_


      Merry Christmas, ELMARTO !!!!

  16. This was the first thing I thought of when I read that lol
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