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  1. I visit the zoo everyday but in the last year I haven't posted as much as I used to due to us losing my mum (Molly), but as yesterday was the first anniversary of her passing and today we found this mysteriously placed on our doorstep I knew where I was going to post it.

    Along with my family the zoo is the good thing that happens to me every single day, it's my little escape from everything you guys are just friends I haven't met yet. So Anj, Malahide, Alma, Pain, Frankaz, Moanya and anyone who I haven't mentioned bear with me I'll be back soon I promise.




  2. Two things today: Firstly, I'm making progress with sewing my overalls for the X-Wing pilot costume - the legs and arms are now adjusted for my (lack of) height, I've marked where the extra pockets will go and we've removed the maker's labels. It would never do for Poe Dameron to have "Safe Welding" labels on his flight suit!  :D


    Secondly, this evening I tried a Beginner's Yoga class at the Community Centre. It is run by the same lady who does the Tai Chi class and I really enjoyed it. Our instructor is very encouraging and also very good at explaining things so that even a complete beginner like me understands what to do and feels comfortable.

    This was the first thing I thought of when I read that lol


  3. After 3 orders and attempts to find precisely the right shade of orange, I finally got the overalls for my X-Wing pilot costume today! But they're currently far too clean and bright, so I need to get to work grubbing them up to make it look like I've flown lots of missions in them :D I also found some boots for the costume and two other items. It's all coming together at long last.



    I sense a great excitement in the force


    I got to see the Rogue One trailer

    Rogue One looks brilliant!


    Also in Star Wars-related things, I made progress today on my X-Wing pilot costume. My dad told me about a little fabric shop that might be able to help me out so we went there and not only did we find the material for the life-jacket part of the costume, but the lady is also ordering the dark grey straps for the belt etc. Then we went to an odds-and-ends shop a short distance away and found three more parts.


    Now I can start actually putting parts of the costume together! :D



    Excellent! That's gonna be a pretty cool costume.

  5. I collected my Star Wars BluRay (or should that be BluRey? :P ), took it home and watched it. Oh and on the way out of the shop, I punched their cardboard cutout Kylo Ren. Because after everything he does in TFA, you do feel like punching him.





    Same here although there was no Kylo Ren to punch :)

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