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  1. 15509 Thanks Gary's not to well at the minute (Arthritis is very bad)
  2. 15507 Grrr phone at 1% and I've no charger
  3. 15505 Hows things Asterix?
  4. 15389 Hey Chris how's you?
  5. 15323 ahoy lads and lassies What have I missed
  6. 15212 right guys I'm off, early start as usual tomorrow Take care
  7. 15209 I know lots of people watch all the games but I only watch Northern Ireland and Man Utd
  8. 15193 wishing I had stayed in here now
  9. 15192 I'm watching the footy while dipping in and out of here
  10. 15156 Hi Chris I think you can request a name change if you ask a mod but I'm not certain Check the feedback page I'm pretty sure someone asked before
  11. 15154 Had to nip out there sorry Zhiv
  12. 15144 did they remove the corks from your forks? (Not a metaphor)
  13. 15141 are you out of your straight jacket again Zhivvy
  14. 15127 did someone say cake????
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