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  1. It's World Mental Health Day let's lose the stigma attached to the problem it's ok to talk about it you can be the difference.

  2. If you go to translink.co.uk you can download the timetables for the train it's the enterprise service
  3. I got "sure they give money to terrorists" followed by "any chance you can get 2 more tickets?"
  4. Keep trying tickets are still coming up
  5. Try the chat function on the ticketmaster website. Phoning them is as useful as a parachute on a submarine
  6. My wife was a bit meh about going to see them again but once I got the tickets she change ld her tube and now we can't wait for Belfast
  7. I tried for ages yesterday to get tickets on my mobile and laptop using different browsers and eventually I got mine using safari I hope that helps
  8. Imagine how much we would get charged for the privilege
  9. The word genius is over used quite a lot but for Mr Williams it just didn't even come close to describing him I'm sure he holds quite a court wherever he is now. Mork out Nanoo-nanoo
  10. U2 live session repeat on radio 2 after 21:00 Gmt I know it's nearly time but I only found out myself

    1. ELMARTO


      My apologies it was only EBW

    2. sazshackle


      i missed it :( wonder if its on catch up

    3. ELMARTO


      You might still be able to catch the full version somewhere

  11. The Odyssey is very much a possibility. .....I was told that from the horses mouth in LA That would be great Imagine a Belfast get together just before Christmas too
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of a starfish a la Norbert
  13. I was doing the shopping on my own earlier in asda and I met another lone husband out doing the same ( you know phoning for more instructions) now having met each other about 6-7 times in various aisles I go to the till and low and behold he's standing in front of me in the queue. He says "we're going to have to stop meeting like this" now having spotted the assorted minions stuff Asda are selling in his trolley I reply "Oh-ho ello pap-en-geda" we both burst out laughing leaving the girl on the till throughly bewildered
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