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  1. 22155 Not bad just really tired work is crazy busy at the minute.
  2. 22153 Hey Cris how are you?
  3. This didn't happen today but I was driving down a country road last week at dusk and I slowed down for a bad corner as I rounded the corner there was a massive stag standing on the road munching grass so I stopped until he was finished and as he walked away he looked over at me and let out this bark/yell (or whatever stags do) as if to say ta for letting me finish my dinner it was amazing
  4. 19022 Fine thanks just relaxing
  5. 19020 Hi cris how are you?
  6. Streets Every Breaking Wave Out of Control The Hands that Built America Windows in the Skies I Know I'll Go Crazy California Please Raised By Wolves The Ground Beneath Her Feet
  7. P.s. Anj Bill Murray triple "Bill" on Thursday on film 4 from 9
  8. 18257 Garys favourite artist Muddy Walkers
  9. 18250 Don't say walkies Gary will hear you
  10. 18241 Ahoy there me hearties
  11. 17861 it's not too often that we get enough snow to need a shovel I can only remember 4 times its been that bad so if you want to change your mind feel free
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