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  1. 17859 lets talk about a trade lol
  2. 17857 Hi We never get really mad thunderstorms here
  3. 17855 That must've been some storm
  4. 17840 Yeh that's one there's also Ponyo, Howls Moving Castle and My Neighbour Totoro amongst others
  5. 17838 I know I've got a few of the films
  6. 17836 There is a whole range of Studio Ghibli books
  7. 17834 tried to get it last year but we were told it was out of print and by pure chance we found it in Belfast
  8. 17829 I got my brother inlaw the princess mononoke artwork book for Christmas
  9. 17605 No problem don't forget this isn't a fan club this is our tribe
  10. 17382 well done Romania (I thought we'd at least get a point) Have a nice weekend guys
  11. 17361 chris Faroe Islands are beating Greece
  12. 17353 just popped in before the match starts to tell Chris best of luck to Romania
  13. Which episode? The episode where Deacon and Kelly try to get back at Carrie and Doug for those jazz statues and give them an awful painting of Carrie and Doug, so they try to stage a fake robbery to get rid of it!! Brilliant
  14. Not happy that I missed it but WELL DONE ZHIVVY!!!!!
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