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  1. Anyone know what time they went on tonight? Was the Forum parking lot messed up?
  2. There are now 106 tickets available at the $330 level. Thanks to U2 for saving me money on going to a 2nd L.A. show. I know you obviously don't need the money, since you're willing to lose out on $35,000 of ticket sales from those seats alone, in addition to the hundreds of others at prices of $81 & up. No worries, I'll probably see almost the identical set tomorrow night since you don't change it from night to night.
  3. I agree with you, but it's still short of a sellout, on opening night in L.A., and should be an embarrassment. It certainly doesn't bode well for N2 at all, and I wonder when the last time was that they did not sell out an arena in L.A. for even 1 night.
  4. Not sure why, but the number of $330 tickets for sale has actually increased. A couple of sections got a bunch of seats available at that level, and there are now 105 tickets at $330 for sale. Probably extra family & friend tickets that were not needed. That's almost $35K in tickets, not including TM fees. I count a total of 680 tickets in all still available with the show less than 24 hours away.
  5. What an embarrassment for U2. Can't even sell out opening night in Los Angeles. Still approx. 700 Tickets available for tomorrow's show. Looks like they're going to hold the line on their pricing. That translates into at least $70K+ in unsold tickets, probably more considering there is about $25K alone in $330 seats still onsale.
  6. Drove out to Vegas for N2, have a ticket for L.A. N2, and will buy one for N1, but Only if there is a ticket price drop, which still hasn't occurred. Taking a vacation back east in June, and could alter my itinerary a bit to be in Philly for N2. Given the lack of any real difference in the setlists so far, I'm probably not going to bother. Obviously U2 is being pretty upfront about the fact the songs are going to remain 95%+ the same for every show on the tour, and while it would be great to see them again, it would not be $100+ great. The ticket prices are just too high to justify paying them multiple times, for essentially the same experience, and one which if I really wanted to, I could also follow to a certain extent on Periscope over the next few months. Would not be surprised to see more empty seats in the lesser markets as the tour continues, since without people traveling to cities outside their own, these venues will have a hard time selling out to locals willing to pay the high ticket prices, which pretty much top off at $330+ in every market, big or small.
  7. Ticketmaster just refuses to lower the ticket prices on these shows. They had no problem with last week's San Jose dates, but for some reason, they're holding the line on dropping prices for the L.A. dates. We have tickets for Wednesday, but have been waiting for either a N1 Floor ticket release and/or price drop, like has happened for both SJ & Vegas, but not yet for L.A. There are still 73 tickets remaining for L.A. N1 at the $330 level, and that number has hardly budged for the past week. I guess they're hoping for some last minute surge of people who are somehow going to suddenly buy up these less desirable seats, even though they've had 6 months to do so already. There are almost 350 tickets still left at the $81 through $175 levels. Are they just going to pretend it's a sellout with all those empty seats? I guess if they intend to hold a hard line on certain cities like L.A., they're willing to forego that potential revenue by letting them go unsold. I'm not looking at N2, since I already have tickets, but when I checked it several days ago, there were even more unsold for that show. And like N1, no price adjustment yet. Just looked, and there are 168 tickets still unsold at the $330 price. That's $55K+ in seats, plus the outrageous TM service charges probably add another $6K. They're just going to leave that money on the table. Must be nice to hold out for what is a year's salary for most people.
  8. Could be why that's the only show to sell out so far. Are any other shows sold out?
  9. So which shows are going to get cancelled later due to poor ticket sales..........errrrrr.......I mean "circumstances beyond the band's control."
  10. Stand your ground. Don't Buy Tickets For This Tour! It probably won't stop them from doing something stupid again, but you will feel better with the extra $700 in your bank account. You can always watch on YouTube or Periscope.
  11. Instead of the special stage ramp and video screens, how about getting up on a plain stage with your instruments, and just playing? Maybe you could then have prices where people will actually be willing to see you. You do realize that while all the theatrics are nice, most fans are coming for the music. They're reluctant to pay an extra $200 so you can have a cool stage setup.
  12. Adding shows when none of the 1st shows are even close to selling out. Great Idea!!
  13. I have decided that I'm just going to skip this tour. I saw them on the JT tour this year, and that will be enough. Perhaps I'll watch some videos once the tour gets going. If enough people do like me, it will send a message. If the choice is between impossible to get Floor tickets or $200+ Obstructed Reserved seats, then I'll be glad to save my money for someone else's '18 tour.
  14. Plenty on Stubhub, so that's obviously untrue. The new verified fan thingie is working so well........for the scalpers.
  15. It's a unique code, so if you don't get one, you're welcome to buy tickets through Stubhub. It's the new & fair way they automatically decide if you're allowed to purchase tickets. So far, I've been denied access to Bruce Springsteen, Dead & Company and now U2. At least it's saving me money, as I won't be attending any of them.
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