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  1. Tickets are already sold. Good luck to everyone who are still looking for tickets.
  2. Hi Bonomandela

    I live in Dublin, been a fan for the last 35 years, looking for any GA tickets please

  3. Hi Bonomandela,

    If those 2 x Pitch 2 are still available, I would like to buy them from you if possible ?

    Many Thanks,


  4. Hi everyone, I am afraid that I cannot make it to the concert since I just have changed jobs and I have to work that saturday I have two ptich 2 tickets for July 22nd, that I would like to sell (for the price they cost me, of course, not one aditional cent) If anyone is interested, please, let me know. Cheers.
  5. Hi everyone! I've got 2 GA tickets for Sunday, Sept 20th concert but I probably wont be able to make it, so I decided to sell the tickets. I sell them at face value = 670 SEK or equivaalent in EUR each of them. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Jaco
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